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Kinda bummed

My mom's cousin has a daughter who is getting married.  They very rarely come to any family functions and I haven't seen this girl in over a decade.  Yet.... I got invited to her wedding.  (I was supposedly invited to the shower as well, although I never got an invitation even though everyone else in the family did.)  I'm not going to the wedding - I don't even know why I was invited, given that we haven't seen each other in about 12 years and I doubt that she could pick me out of a lineup. 

I'm bummed, though.  Her engagement has been very short.  The wedding is at the beginning of March and they just got engaged around Thanksgiving.  Every time I get ready to do something, my "cousin" gets it done JUST before me.  It makes me look like I'm trailing along and following what she does.  Her Save the Dates were postcards - just like mine.  They went out the day before I was going to send mine out.  I decided to wait 2 weeks so I didn't look like a copycat.  Her design?  Almost identical to mine.  I just finished my invites and lo and behold, hers came in the mail today.  I thought it would be different to line the envelopes - apparently, so did she.  I thought it would be unique to do wraparound labels.  She thought the same.  Now I have to wait to send out my invites because hers just went out and I don't want to overwhelm people.

The worst part is, since we're doing a destination wedding, there are now a handful of people who initially said they were going to come but now they're not because they can't afford to travel for both weddings.  Hers is at least in the state, but will still require a hotel for 1 night for most of the family.  My wedding requires a plane ticket and at least 2 hotel nights plus a rental car.

I know I should be happy for her, even though I don't really know her, but I can't help but be annoyed.  I shouldn't be, I know.  I just hate that her wedding popped up out of nowhere and is now overshadowing my wedding, and causing people to decide not to come to our wedding because they can't afford to travel for both. 

I know - I need to get over it.  Still working on that.

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Re: Kinda bummed

  • Eeek...that would irritate me also. Everyone deserves their special moment and shouldn't be over shadowed. Good luck. You'll still have a wonderful wedding no matter what happens : )
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  • I think you should be bummed! it was really rude of her to basically make all of your family decided between your weddings.. People should be considerate of their guests...if she wanted a destination wedding she should have atleast waiting a few months!
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