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Anyone know he was gonna propose ahead of time?

My future FI and I have been talking about engagement a lot recently and my sister is a jeweler. I came into fill out a credit app and had enough credit to get an engagement ring. She stepped into the back and secretly called him to get his okay and I picked out my ring - but he doesn't know I'm aware of all of this!

Did anyone know ahead of time they were getting engaged? I'm trying to figure out if this is okay! I've always wanted to be surprised, and I still don't know WHEN it's coming, but we had talked about using a cheap costume ring for the proposal and then shopping together afterwards. I guess I'm just trying not to feel guilty for knowing...without him knowing :/

Would you have preferred to not know, or was it nice having a bit of a heads up?

Re: Anyone know he was gonna propose ahead of time?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Anyone know he was gonna propose ahead of time? : Omgosh.  You're the first person I've ever  heard that from.
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    BTW where is OP? She must have realized what she did was freaking stupid!


  • The crazy is strong with this post...
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  • It's like the hyperreal vomited all over this post.
  • My fiance and I lived together and worked out our finances together before getting engaged.  We looked at rings together, and I was involved until it came to when the ring was actually ready and he planned the proposal himself.  I think it's ok that you knew.  Planning a future together is an important part of the engagement.
  • We went ring shopping and I picked mine out before he went to basic. I knew he was proposing when he got back from basic training/before his deployment
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    [QUOTE]I'm still confused.  How could your boyfriend think it would be a surprise if it was charged on your account?  At some point within the next month you'll begin getting statements...did he think you wouldn't see the statement and wonder why you're being charged for an engagement ring? And how could he think it would be a surprise when you would have to sign the credit slip agreeing to purchase the ring?  There's no way anyone working at a jewelry store would allow merchandise to leave the store without a signature on the credit card receipt.  Even your sister. And do you honestly think you'll forget you bought yourself an engagement ring and be surprised when he gives it to you?  I couldn't forget about mine for a minute, and I wasn't the one buying it.  The wait was killing me. This is very curious. ETA:  I almost forgot my original question...why were you filling out a credit app?  What were you planning to buy before you ended up buying an engagement ring?  Or was that the reason you applied for credit?
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    exactly what i was wondering! how could he not know that you know what is going on when you had to apply for the credit and you are the one the bills will come to and you are the one who will actually have to go in to purchase it since the credit is in your name! if this jewlery store lets other people purchase things and charge it to someone else who isnt present or signing for it there is something wrong with the store! HELLO in this day and age with identity theif! come on this makes no sense!
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