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Does your FI/spouse ...

 ... profess to be Christian, too?
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Re: Does your FI/spouse ...

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    Just months into our marriage, my husband went through a crisis of faith.  He bounced around trying to figure out what he believed for years after that.  Now, he considers himself more agnostic than anything, I think.

    I'm curious about you all on this front.  Anybody want to share?

    (ETA: I should also add my ex-husband was a pastor.  UGLY story .... )

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  • Yes.  My DH is a youth pastor, raised in a Christian (and pastor's) home, and was saved when he was 8.  
  • DH is going to seminary right now. He grew up in a Christian home, was saved when he was 14 and surrended to God's call to ministry at 18. 
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  • My FI is a Christian, and grew up in a pretty conservative family.  His uncle is a pastor, and his cousin is in seminary school right now I'm pretty sure(I haven't met that part of his family since they live far away).
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  • Yes.  It was very important to me to have someone who shared my faith and even my own denomination of faith.  Luckily I found one :)

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  • Yes- neither of us are as strong in our faith as we want to be. It's something we are working on. But that was important to me that I marry someone who was a believer in JC and wanted to raise our kids knowing God.
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  • Yes. Both of us are Born Again Christians. I was saved when I was 16 and he was 11ish. :-)

  • i dated two people who were not christians but tried to make me think they were intrested in God/Church ... later to find out they werent .... one of them my son's dad ... anyway I couldnt deal with that ...

    met my now husband and we started talking about traditional hymns and church etc and he happend to go to a church in my denomination and i also knew the pastor ... I was so excited that night .. [ it was actually the first night we met ! ]
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  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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    Sorta. My fiance's family stopped going to church when he was 8-10, so he's been out of the organized religion part of Christianity for awhile. He missed out on a lot of the basic Bible study and teaching that kids get, so he's not sure what he believes yet. He knows he wants to believe, he just doesn't feel it in his heart yet.  When we were first dating, he actually started going to church with me, and joined a friend and I in teaching middle school sunday school and doing youth group. He learns as the kids learn, which is pretty neat.  Right now we're working on reading through the Bible together, since he's never read most of it and I've never managed to read it all the way through in order. I'm reading a more analytical intrepretation, while he's reading a more basic interpretation. It's really neat to talk about what we read at night together, and watch him learn. I feel honored to be the one leading him down his path to God. 
  • My FI is a new Christian. I was saved when I was 6 years old and he was saved last year on New years eve. We were raised in a totally different culture and belief system. My parents raised me in southern baptist churches my whole life and he only went to church on holidays. We have been trying to find a good home church that will help us both grow in our faith. Right now we go to my parents church but I dont think that we will stay there. We both love the Lord and want to put God first in our marriage. We know that is going to be hard especially in the world today but we know that it is possible through Christ. We would appriceate any advise and/or prayers. :)
  • My H is the reason I am a Christian today. He told me I was going to hell, we broke up, I realized I was if I didn't get saved, so we got back together, I accepted Christ, and we got married.
    It was truly a win/win. My husband saved my soul.

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  • Yes. This was essential for both of us. We met on a Christian dating site.
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  • My H and I are born again Christians. Marrying someone with the same beliefs as myself was a must.
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