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Sandals Grande St. Lucia or Sandals Grande Antigua

I am getting married June 2011 and am starting to look at HM destinations. I know a bunch of people who have been to St. Lucia and have loved it. Has anyone been to Antigua and stayed at the Sandals there? Any suggestioins on which one is better?

Re: Sandals Grande St. Lucia or Sandals Grande Antigua

  • I did St. Lucia..it is very lush, tropical and the landscape is just amazing.  We had a blast. Antigua had harder flights and didn't offer as much in the area of "nature", plus we liked the option of 3 resorts to hop to in st. Lucia.  I contacted a travel agent from recommendations on here (Jennifer at VIP Vacations) and asked her to price both resorts and the airfare and we just went from her recommendations and the flights were the real deciding factor.
  • We went to Antigua and absolutely loved it. We actually had direct flights, which was awesome, and it's just a short ride to the resort, unlike St. Lucia where unless you take a helicopter, it's a bit of a trip.
    We would have liked the option to go to different resorts like on St. Lucia, but we were more attracted to Antigua and the excursions it had to offer. We did ziplining and a circumnavigation tour of the island where we snorkeled, swam with stingrays, and ate on a deserted beach.
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  • Compare them on Oyster.com.  It's a good travel review site with lots of descriptions and 'undercover' pictures.
  • My FI and I were debating between the same two islands! We ended up going with Sandals Grande St. Lucia, we can't wait!!!

    A few things made us choose St. Lucia ..The option to go to the 3 different Sandals hotels, direct flights with Jet Blue, the price was cheaper all around, and a lot of our married friends or patients of my FH went there and loved it. I only knew one person who went to Antigua and they loved it there too but I had more feedback on St. Lucia.

    I wish we could just blow right past this whole wedding and go straight to the honeymoon!! Ha!
  • The beaches in Antigua are unbeatable it's really a nice island. 

    However, I perfered St. Lucia.  The island itself is just incredible, the landscape the locals the tours - book cosol if you go-   Amazing amazing I would consider going back their for a vacation!   

    With either one.. just check which cruise ships if any will be in port those days, you may chose to stay away from tours/downtown areas when the ships are in port!

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  • I booked Grande St Lucia for this October...If you decide on that resort, check out Nancy at my island getaways...She was awesome to work with and was Sandals top seller recently!!

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  • We honeymooned in St. Lucia at Sandals Grande St Lucian and loved it. There was so much to do on the island and the resort was beautiful. We liked that we could go to three resorts but loved the Grande the best. We also used Nancy from myislandgetaways.com and she was certainly the go to person for Sandals, she provided tips and suggestions which made our honeymoon even better.
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    We Hm'd at Sandals Grande in St. Lucia and loved it. There was just so much to do and the whole island is just beautiful. They had an awesome beach and the snorkeling was some of the best we have ever done. We also used Nancy from Myislandgetaways.com she was so much of a help in every aspect and we got some great extra bennies and saved us money.  
  • I think St. Lucia looks so amazing!  I would pick that one;.
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