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Reception ideas needed and caterer!!

Hi everyone congrats on your upcoming weddings! I have some questions, my fiance and I want to have a traditional wedding we are both of Spanish/French and Mexican heritage. We would love a venue that reflects our families history. Does anyone know of a fab place that has a lot of character/history and visual interest? Also we would love to have food that we love.....anyone know of great caterers that provide traditional Mexican and Spanish dishes?  Our budget is tenative. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Reception ideas needed and caterer!!

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    I would recommend getting your budget in order first and then finding a location and then looking for a caterer. Some venues do the catering and some have an approved list.

    From your description of what you want in a venue, I would recommend the Southwest School of Art & Craft. It's beautiful and has history. They have an approved list of caterers to choose from.
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    SW school of arts and crafts also books about 1 year out. It's about $3500- 4000, I believe. 

    Los Patios is nice with a pretty ceremony site,  and  if you are looking to be downtown, Biga on the Banks has a nice room as does Peasanos, but you have to use their food.  
    <a href="http://i56.tinypic.com/2u7nk9u.jpg[/IMG] target="_blank"><img src="http://i56.tinypic.com/2u7nk9u.jpg[/IMG]" border="0" width=200></a>
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    The Antique Rose Emporium is Mexican-looking. It rents for $1200 for 12 hours including tables and chairs. You provide your own catering.
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    hey knottie

    you should look at the Spanish Govenor's Palace-Plaza de Armas.

    the price is very cheap. but the down fall i found was 
    reception is only 4 hours and the entire party  including cleanup must be out by 11pm. it would be nice for a small wedding 50-75 but i think it fits 200.  there are pictures on the knot of a REAL wedding (san antonio)

    another place would be the The bushnell. 3600-4000 for penthouse and roof.
    no tables and chairs. open catering. no onsite coordinator. i would of loved to have it there but it was not in the budget....

    the last place i believe is the best... it where i am having my reception... the hacienda santa maria... on N. St. Mary's. table chairs, linens,tableware.glassware.
    spanish inspired.  Gonzalo and his assistant jamie have been really nice and generous with their ideas and various options. oct 2011

    good luck knottie.
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    I'm not sure how you feel about having your wedding and or reception at a hotel, but the Doubletree by north Star Mall resembles a spanish villa. It's beautiful and the interior of the hotel has a contemporary flair. It's extremely affordable and let me tell you, they include everything from choclate favors to your guests, to flowers, center pieces.
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