Long time no post, surviving the first 3mos of marriage: CHECK!

Hi lovely ladies!! It's been a long while since I posted on here, life has been moving at the speed of light, but I squeezed out a few mins to say hi to you all.

The Mr. and I are doing really good. We survived our first married major holiday, we were able to hit both families homes on TGives AND I cooked a full dinner at home. I figured since this was our first TGives married I can't exactly say no to the request. It was fun after the food was done, but boy I was ready to murderize him as I stayed up all night cooking and he slept on the couch to "keep me company." It's funny the subtle shift I noticed in our relationship since we've been married. I can't even describe it properly, but after being together 8yrs who knew. It's a good shift, but a shift all the same. We officially hit 3mos of marriage tomorrow (just in time for the end of the world huh ;-) lol jk) and we have yet to watch our wedding video lol. I think b/c we both been stressed from work and I have school as well that it hasn't felt right to taint that magical moment by watching the sparks fly on our wedding video and thinking about work at the same time. We will watch it this weekend though since we both have next week off.

Due to lack of funds we've decided to scrap the AHR in favor for visiting with pockets of friends and family to watch with each group. It's more economical for us than trying to get everyone together on the dime we don't have...

As far as babies are concerned we've adopted an "if it happens it happens" form of conception lol I would prefer to have said spawn arrive after my last class next december, but if he/she decides to make an early appearance than that's life. It feels right so we're going with it. I'm ready to get this baby train rollin, if I can have twins that would be awesome, my 2kids in one shot. The ultimate multi-task ever! lol

Ok ladies, work is calling my name again (boooooo). I shall return to the halls of edcuation and help my students through their final exams (thank goodness it's almost over, I was more stressed about THEIR finals than my own LOL).

Enjoy wedding planning and newlywedhood when you arrive there. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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Re: Long time no post, surviving the first 3mos of marriage: CHECK!

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