Newcomer - advice on an intimate wedding?

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on this board, but I'm wondering if any of you lovely ladies would be willing to offer some advice.  After much waffling, my fiance and I have decided to get married in Maine next summer, just the two of us.  Neither of us has ever been to Maine before, which is part of what makes this even more exciting, but it also means that I am completely clueless!  I've gotten some things cooking from trolling previous threads (and thank you, by the way, for ideas you've already inspired!), but does anyone have any suggestions on where to have a small wedding like ours?  and, even more importantly, where to eat afterward?  We really want the true Maine experience (as corny as that kind of sounds, haha).  Anything you're willing to share would be great!

Many thanks,

Re: Newcomer - advice on an intimate wedding?

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    Did you want to get married in the coastal area or the great outdoors such as mountains and lakes?
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    We got married on the Schooner Nathanial Bowditch, and it was a fabulous experience!  (See pics a couple of posts down).  We had a small wedding (47 guests can fit on the sailboat), but when searching there were several schooners that did weddings of different sizes.  I would consider sailing part of the Maine experience :)  We had a fish chowder for lunch, though they will do anything - I know they've done lobster bakes and the likes.  The food was amazing!

    Anyway, if you like to sail, they do a lot of 3 or 4 or 5 night sails, and the captain is a licensed notary, so you could always join a trip and then get married.  I think that's what we would have done if we were just planning a wedding for the 2 of us.  And we'll definitely be going on one of their longer sails for an anniversary. 
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    MollySM - Sailing, what a cool idea!  I hadn't even thought of that, thank you for the suggestion.  I've been sailing a couple of times here in Carolina and down in Florida and loved it.  I'll definitely have to check them out.  Bonus points for the food being amazing too.  Love the pic of the wedding party on the boat, btw, awesome.  Congratulations!

    fickrj5 - That's a really good question!  I tossed this question at FI too, and he votes for the coast.  I think I'm inclined to agree.  The idea of getting married barefoot in the sand is pretty romantic.  Although I have to say, everything I've seen so far while investigating Maine has been drop-dead gorgeous. 

    Thanks for the feedback so far, ladies! 

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    There are some really beautiful placesin the Camden/Rockport area and in the Acadia region.  Personally, I prefer those areas as to compared to those more southern near Portland and Saco. 

    Check out: They have a lot of information for things like food, lodging and visiting.

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    fickrj5, thank you!  Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse was one of the places that came up that I really liked in that area.  All white-sand beaches and the words "lobster bake" everywhere.  Who can argue with that?  I saw events scheduled for sailboat racing in June on the Maine calendar too, which would also be totally cool.  So much to do, yay! 

    It wouldn't be so hard to decide if it all wasn't so gorgeous.  I feel awful for saying I have too many wonderful options, hah!

    Thanks again.  If anyone has any other suggestions, keep them coming! 
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    How long are you staying?  If you were up here for a week you could spend half the week on the coast and half the week up by Moosehead Lake or in Baxter State Park at the New England Outdoor Center, the restaurant there is really great too!
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    Yes, we are planning on staying 5 days to a week or so to have a little honeymoon before going back home.  I had definitely been thinking about checking out a couple of areas, picking one for the wedding, and then doing something a little different to see more of the state.  The New England Outdoor Center also looks like a lot of fun, I think FI would be really into the rafting, and I would love to go on a moose tour! 

    Thank you so much for all of your input.  Definitely given me a great starting point.  I'm so excited!
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    The Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth has an elopment package. The setting and the Inn are both beautiful, and there's a lot ot do the the surrounding area.
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    Thanks, MegnDev!  It's funny, I emailed them a few days ago and just heard back on package pricing.  The Inn is amazing.  Also great to know that there is plenty to do nearby if we end up choosing the Inn or the Crescent Beach area.
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