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Did you buy your bridesmaids their sarees for the ceremony or did they buy them themselves?  Also, did you let them pick out their own sarees or did you pick the sarees out for them? 

I've been rethinking the whole bridal party thing and am now leaning towards having one.  I have 5 really good friends that I would ask, only one of them is Indian though and the rest are American.  So I was thinking of buying them their sarees since most of them will probably never wear it again.  I feel like it would be easier if I picked out the sarees for them (avoiding colors that they don't like).  Was curious to hear what you girls did. 

Re: Bridesmaids

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    I have 2 bridesmaids and my sister who is walking me down the aisle.

    I let everyone pick their own attire, although I had my sister stick with a color scheme. One of my friends was with me, and I had full intention of paying for her sari, but she insisted she'd pay for it. My other friend is wearing a salwar kameez I picked and paid for. My sister I paid for.
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    I have 6 bridesmaids, only one of who is Indian.  I picked their sarees when I went to India and I paid for them, along with matching jewelry.  I figured most of them have never worn a sari and will never wear it again, so I should buy it for them.  That was just my opinion though- I know other brides who have the BM pay their own, which is perfectly fine too. 
  • Priya310Priya310 member
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    i haven't bought the outfits yet- but i will be paying for them.  we are having 6 indian and 2 non- indian and i am paying for them all.  and, we are paying for the tuxes for the groomsmen.
  • britishmibritishmi member
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    I have 5 bridemaids, we paid for saris, flowers for hair, earings,necklaces, bangles, and hair and make up services. I choose everything for everyone and i told them they can pick their own hair do's. Also before selecting a sari i asked the girls if there were any specific colours they would not wear :)
  • bridetobeeebridetobeee member
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    Half my bridesmaids were indian and half non. I just bought sarees for them from Indian and I covered the cost and jewelery so they didn't complain much. And, the color was pretty so they liked them. My family helped the non-indian ones wear them the day of
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