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January 2013 Weddings

I think I'll just wear a potato sack now...

Okay, so I have to share with you ladies the complete fuster cluck that was yesterday evening.

So let's take a trip into the department of backstory, shall we?
I had some trouble trying to figure out where I was going to take my dress to get it taken up and a bustle put in. I didn't want to go to the store because they're needlessly expensive, I had another option lined up until I learned that I would have to leave me $500 dress in a very not so nice part of town. I had a third option lined up but then found out that I would HAVE to take it in W-F between 9-4 because the owner is the only one who works on wedding dresses and he's only in at those times. So I found a 4th option that actually seemed like the best option yet all around. So I took my dress to her and she told me it would take her a week and would only cost $85. I told her I didn't need it back that quick, but would like it back on 11/17 which would effectively be 3 weeks from when I left it with her.

Well Thursday I called her to see if it would be ready to pick up on Saturday. She said it wasn't ready, that it would be ready Monday 11/19. I thought, okay, yeah I'm pissed, but I have to drive out her way on Monday anyway so I'll just get it then. So she calls me around 5:00pm on Monday as I'm getting ready to head to her shop to pick it up and she says she has to go pick up her grandson, but she still has 4 hours of work to do on the dress so I could get it after noon on Tuesday. At this point I'm already pretty pissed.

So yesterday I head down to her shop to get my dress. I try it on, the hem is perfect, the sleeves are perfect. She didn't put in the bustle the way I wanted, but I thought, eff it, I'll fix it myself. So I change back into my street clothes and I ask her how much I owe her. She shows me a $250 bill. I started to shake at this point I'm so mad. I told her that I left the dress with her with the understanding that it would only cost me $85 to get everything done. If she would have told me it was going to be $250 I would not have left the dress with her. She tells me it was a lot of work, but she'll take $200 for it. I'm still shaking so I tell her I have to call my mother before I make a decision. Mom agrees that the seamstress is being obnoxious but tells me she'll help me with it.

I go back inside and the seamstress is telling me that $200 is fair, it was a lot of work, 2 days work. I explain that I understand that it was a lot of work, and I'm not arguing based on the amount of work, I'm arguing because this is already 3 days later than I had originally asked and a substantial amount more than she had originally quoted me. And it wasn't like she hadn't seen the dress when she quoted me the $85 price. She eventually agrees to just let me pay the $85 but by this point I'm already so pissed I could hardly speak.

So whatever. I get the dress home. I had a meeting with our cellist which went somewhat less well than I had expected, but the failure was on my part, not hers. She was a sweetheart.

So after all that, I get home, expecting to work on my veil because that is what my mother and I had talked about. She would surge the edges for me so I could start sewing on the lace. But she's in the midst of planning a 50th anniversary party for her parents and there has been no shortage of snafus for that. So she spent the entire night on the phone with her siblings trying to get things organized. So absolutely no work was done on my veil. I now have 10 days to finish it and I do not have a free night until after my bridal portraits. I am by no means mad at my mother for that. at all. I know she has a lot on her plate and is hanging onto her sanity by a thread with her party. So I wasn't going to push the issue with her.  

I just feel like crying.

Re: I think I'll just wear a potato sack now...

  • Breathe. It will all be okay.

    Definitely write a review outlining your experience with the seamstress so that others don't have the same issue. And I would do it on every review site you can find. If she isn't already on Yelp, you can add her. It takes a couple of days, but then she is on there for others to see. On the plus side, you didn't have to pay more than she originally quoted you.

    It is more than fine not to have your veil for your bridal portraits. It will be in your pictures on the wedding day, so if it doesn't get done in time for this it is okay. I know you really want it done and I'm sure that your mom feels bad that she didn't have time to work on it. Your bridals will be beautiful no matter what.


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