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Getting in Shape

New Weight Watchers Program

So I just logged onto the weight watchers website and everything is so different. How come I get more points, but my weight is the same and I find it very confusing to track. Advice?

Re: New Weight Watchers Program

  • Kate504Kate504 member
    edited November 2010
    I don't know to much about it b/c I havne't gone to my meeting yet but they are calculating points differently now. Using fiber, fat, carbs and protein.You can get veggies and fruit free as long as they are not starchy like corn, potatoes and peas. So the foods that you may have eatten before are worth more. I think the minimun amouth of points you get are 29 and you get 49 weekly. I would go on their website and etools to find out more. I have a mac and haven't been able to access etools. I don't go to a meeting until Thursday.
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  • I'd suggest going to 1 meeting this week where they will explain everything new. I can't wait for my meeting on Friday.
  • Thanks for the help. Yes my mom keeps telling me to go to a meeting. I am so mad about wine going from 2 to 4 points haha. Hopefully I like the new plan!
  • Ditto to pp's--I just went to my meeting this morning and my leader was super knowledgeable (flip charts and visuals aides lol). I'm sort of annoyed you have to buy new stuff (if you use 3-month journal/dining out/complete food, etc.), but if you have etools and a smart phone you shouldnt need to buy their new points calculator.

    I was sad to see the slide ruler go :( lol There was also a gentleman at my meeting who was very upset and basically said he was thinking about quitting WW because of the new plan.....yikes!
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