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I'm getting married Sept 1st and I can't figure out where i want to hold the ceremony or reception.  I want to do the ceremony out side and i'll need enough room for 100 chairs at most.  I need it to be in central arkansas, preferably in littlerock or nlr.  The problem that im having with finding a place with the reception is that they are way too expensive and most have to many rules (no music, or no dancing, or only wine).  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Places to hold an outdoor wedding

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    Where in Arkansas are you looking. We are having our wedding in NWA at Botanical Gardens. They are super affordable and you can do wedding and recpetion in the same location. And its very beautiful. Being a botanical garden, you don't have to have much in the way of decorations.
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    looking for somewhere in littlerock or close to it, got some family that can't go to far
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    If you have already picked out a caterer or a florist, you should ask them.  I found my reception venue because my caterer knew every place around that was available.

    I also would find out if any of the local parks have space you can reserve and what kind of rules they have. 

    I got married at Garvan Woodland Gardens.  That's in Hot Springs.  They have more than one outdoor area.  The chapel there is expensive, but I think the outdoor areas may be more reasonable.  They do have rules.  For example, they don't allow glass containers, and if you serve alcohol, you have to have security.
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    You may have already found your venue by now, but I'm getting married outdoors in Little Rock at Alda's Magnolia Hill. It's beautiful!
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