Looking for venue in or near Easton Pa

Hi guys! My fiance and I fell in love with the Riverview Country Club but they seem to be pretty booked up. We like this area as it is very convienent for our family and friends. Does anyone know of any other venues in this area that we could consider? Thanks for all your help!

Re: Looking for venue in or near Easton Pa

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    I was just going through a wedding magazine and I found some venues in easton: the bank street annex-, the club at morgan hill-, The eastonian banquet and conference center- I hope this helps.
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    the crayola factory!!
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    Woodstone Country Club is about 20 min. from Easton and is just gorgeous!  Heard their prices weren't TOO bad either =) Country setting

    Also, Hotel Bethlehem (in is really gorgeous too.  There are on Historic Main Street, with great views.

    Good luck!!
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    Hi, I went thru them all when was looking for my venue.
    Stay away from Bethlehem hotel is your wedding is in August because that` when the festival starts and it will beVERY crowded there.
    woodstone is great but has a lot of exclusions so go and talk to someone in person before you make a decision.
    Bank street annex is awesome but only if you planning smaller wedding.
    Eastonia you need to provide your own catering service.
    Morgan Hill is gorgeous but expensive.
    we chose Green Pond Country club. The prices where great and we have to whole place to ourself!!!! Even special room with bar for the bridal party!!

    Sent me a PM if you need more info.
    Good luck, Beata
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    Musikfest (the big festival in Bethlehem) is Aug. 5th-14th.  To my knowledge, they don't book weddings during that time until it is a 'fest' style wedding!!
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    I would also steer clear of the Hotel Bethlehem because I've only heard horror stories from past brides.
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    We got married at Silver Creek CC. It's on rt 412 about 1/2 mile from the 78 exit. It's really easy to get to and there is a hotel with .25 miles from the club that provides transportation to and from.

    I did a full review on the vendor review post above. Email me at [email protected] if you have more questions or need to see photos. Happy to help.
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    I attended a wedding at the Bank St. Annex and was not impressed.  It was just over 100 people and they set it up terribly - we were at a table up on the balcony and felt very far away from the wedding festivities.  Also, the service was so slow that the tables below were being served their entrees before we even received our appetizers.  They seemed the time everyone was done eating they had to rush to quickly cut the cake so there could be 30 mins of dancing and then the wedding was over!

    I also attended a wedding at Hotel Bethlehem this past summer.  Would definitely recommend it as long as you are not looking to book during Musikfest, as pp said.  Food and service were great and so was the ambiance. 

    I have heard great things about the Eastonian as well.  Have you looked into the Meadows?  FI's sister had her wedding there and they did a really nice job!

    Good luck!
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    Unfortuneately, If anything.. I would advise against the Meadows. Sure their price is insanely cheap... theres a reason. The owner made the mistake of walking us through his kitchen. I saw things I wish I hadn't.

    When we were touring there, I asked if my guests could use the side door vs the front entrance, because the first thing you see when you walk in is the bathroom, and it smells like urinal cakes. He told me I should be "kissing his feet" because he designed it that way so that women don't constantly ask him "where is the bathroom?" ...I found him to be incredibly obnoxious.

    There is a reason the price seems too good to be true. You get what you pay for.


    Green Pond is a great place. Brian is super nice.
    Bank Street had a historic feel to it, if you'd like something like that.
    Try the Architects, its right across the bridge from Easton. Peter is very sweet.
    Also, how about The Candlelight? That's right down the road as well in Bethlehem.

    Good luck!

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    ok i live in easton pa and i can tell u off hand the places to go and not to go . my number one spot would be green pond courntry club great food great environmnet very open and great prices brian who is in charge knows wat he is doing. Riverview is a beautiful place but the food isnt that great and the buidling itself says it holds 200 but it prob confortable only holds maybe140 max. bank st annex is like a historical site and is way way way overpriced and it doesnt hold many ppl either. morgan hill is nice but too its way overpriced for no reason and they have an outdoor tent but you hve to pay extra for that. crayola factory is ok if u have kids at the wedding. the state theater is interesting too its very laid back but the room they have the wedding in is smal but the theatre itsefl is big. candellight is nice but u cantget maried there only the reception foods good but overpriced. hotel behtlehem is nicetoo but they are in a hurry for u to be inthere and get out the staff is very fast paced environmsnt you dont get to enjoy your food bc tehy want to go home asap. silver creek is very old person type  hope you find a place if u have any questions let me kno n email me [email protected]
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