how much should each quest get?

I am planning on making a special snack mix that I make every year for xmas for my favors. It's basically an assortment of cereals, pretzels, nuts, raisins, and mms covered in melted white chocolate. My question is what a reasonable favorsized portion would be. Half a cup? Less? Thanks!

Re: how much should each quest get?

  • Would you be OK with setting out a few big bowls of the snack mix with little celophane treat bags and/or small plastic tumblers with a few plastic scoops? Guests could "help themselves", whether they want a treat bag to take home or a cup of snack mix to munch on during the reception.

    Also make sure to put a little display card with the ingredients described on it...some people don't like certain things, have allergies, etc...and the ingredients might not be entirely noticeable in a dimly lit reception hall.

    For example:
    Grayfang's Famous Snack Mix
    Rice Chex, Corn Chex, honey-roasted peanuts, salted pretzels, raisins, white-chocolate coated plain M&Ms


  • That is one option I hadn't thought of and would certainly take the chore of individually wrapping them out of it! My original plan was a small amount of the snack mix at each seat, and also having a s'more bar for an interactive treat. The question remains though how much should I plan on preparing per person?
  • I'm assuming you've made it for (smaller) parties before? Probably would be easy to multiply the recipe you use. I would assume a good estimate would be between 1/2c to 1c.

  • It sounds delicious- but you might want to be careful about keeping the nuts in the recipe or at least making your guests aware of the ingredients in the mix, like mentioned above. Maybe a nut free version for guests with nut allergies?
  • Sounds like a great favor idea!

    As a guest, I wouldn't be crazy about the scoop-your-own-from-big-bowls approach.  That's a lot of hands touching the inside of the bowl and the scooping cups, especially if there will be young children there ... and unless I got in on the top 1/3 or the bowl, it would give me pause (although I'd probably risk it for white chocolate). Cellophane bags with ribbon are great, or, for a different look, the small take-out style boxes (Oriental Trading Co. has them).

    Ditto PP on having a sign listing the ingredients for those who have allergies (I used to take care of a little boy who was allergic to corn, so I had to alter my Chex Mix recipe, for example).

    How much you need will depend on the size of your container; you could fill one with just cereal until it "looks right" and then measure.  I'm guessing it will be closer to a cup, though, than a 1/2 cup.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone!
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