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Wedding Woes

Good day

How's it going? 

Things for this morning:

DH has a phone interview for the promotion he's in the running for today.  It's all happening!  :)

His follow-up and hopefully release back to work is tomorrow.  Please dear God, let the man go back to work.  (he has been busting his ass around the house...It's pretty clean and he did the carpets yesterday.)

Missing man update: he was found, but not alive.  :(  Suicide is suspected.  My dad is going up to be with his BFF and his family for the wake tomorrow.  

I love that it's getting light out before 8am.  It's nice to wake up with the sun. 

Re: Good day

  • Ugh, was it that guy from the Chicago area found in southern IL?  I read about that :( 

    I'm having a good morning because I finally got to tell my mom last night and she was so excited and happy for us.
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  • That's too bad about the guy.

    Ali - I'm glad you finally got to tell her!

    I'm having a good morning.  I've been pretty productive the last couple of hours - on the company work, not on housework.  And I got all my tax info entered and emailed to partner.  He said he will review it by the weekend, so hopefully we'll get filed on Monday.

  • In Response to Re: Good day:
    [QUOTE]Ugh, was it that guy from the Chicago area found in southern IL?  I read about that :( 
    Posted by alikatt17[/QUOTE]
    Yes, it was.  :( 
  • Oh and yay for happy moms!  Are you an only child?  If not, is this her first grandkid? 

    I love seeing my parents as grandparents.  The kids all love them soo... much and my parents have the time of their life with them.

    I'll never forget my mom's reaction when we told her DefConn was on the way.  It's actually a funny story I'll have to tell when I have more time to type it up.
  • My mom is a step-grandma but this is the first grandchild for either set of grandparents (minus stepdad, of course).  We're both the oldest in our families.

    My mom was going on about how so-and-so is having a grandbaby, blah blah blah so I gave her the card while she was making dinner.  My mom opened the belated VD card for grandma and looked at me, "Are you serious?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" and immediately started crying.  And then we both cried. And the garlic bread almost burned.
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  • Ali, that's really sweet.

    I'm starting to feel a bit bad for my mom. She's the only one of friends in the 65 and older crowd without grandkids.:(

    I did make her feel better because one set of friends are raising their grandkids, and another friend is always having to send her daughter money to take care of her grandkids. That did make her feel better.:)

    It's all about how you think about things, right?
  • WzzWzz member
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    you're right about that, nola.

    ali, that's a nice story.

    sorry for the guy who was found.

    last night, we ended up making the pork in a chinese BBQ marinade and it was de-fricken-licious. HIGHLY recommend chinese BBQ rib sauce the next time you make, well, anything. i baked it covered so the sugar didn't burn. served it with rice. oh it was so good, H wants it now in the rotation. tonight's plain grilled chicken isn't going to live up to it.

    i watched beyonce's documentary on HBO. if you like her music, then RECOMMEND. she sure does love jay-Z. good for them.
  • Yes!  That door is amazing.   I should have decorated my dorm door in college. 
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  • Zilla, I would have thought that was a 6 year old's bedroom door. NOT A FRONT DOOR!!!!
  • I watched the Beyonce documentary on Monday.  I liked it a lot.  And yes, she L.O.V.E.S. Jay-Z, but it's really cute to me.

    I loved that she curses.  I just imgained her to not be someone who does.

    She's a professional through and through and you could see that.  But I think it's because it was drilled into her from a very young age. 
  • i'm one mood swing away from removing the unicorn.
  • Is that a unicorn on the door?  I want a unicorn for my front door!
  • TheMrsC23TheMrsC23 member
    edited February 2013
    In Response to Re: Good day:
    [QUOTE]i'm one mood swing away from removing the unicorn.
    Posted by Wzz[/QUOTE]

    LOL.  I know how that goes.  Sucky neighbors are the worst. 

    Oh and speaking of sucky neighbors...The lady next door has fake flowers in her flower bed.
    I can't say I haven't thought about ripping them out.   Especially when she's staring me down for an hour while she works outside. 
  • at least they aren't the worst. they are just annoying, and they have little mean yappy dogs. i actually wish i could befriend them to see what inside the apartment looks like.
  • I wonder if they have a thing for chevron? ;)
  • I'm in a sh!t mood. My manager has a brain tumor and they don't know if its malignant or benign. She's having surgery in a few weeks to have it removed. And her kids are like 12 and 14. I can't imagine. I've worked in oncology for 7 years and I never stop getting angry when people get cancer. Not sad, just so damn pissed off. I'm also majorly PMSing and DH is just working my last nerve. I want to punch him.
  • Mrsc- Sorry for the lose.  That's terrible.
    Ali- that's really sweet your mom is so excited
    Wz- that door is awesome
    Pmeg- eff cancer

    We just got back from the pedi:

    -6let will be getting set up for a sleep study. 

    -Max is 12 lb 6 oz and 23".  He took his shots like a champ.  He has some sort of bronchialitis (baby bronchitis) and is doing breathing treatments.  doc said it's in the very early stages so he'll be getting worse over the next few weeks.  Yay

    -M2 didn't even have an appt but coughed while we were there.  Doc checked it out and it's the same stuff Max has she can just deal better.  She gets to share the breathing machine.  Yay.

  • H is gone for the remainder of the week. I'll pick him up from the airport on Friday.

    DD has been super duper snuggly lately. To the point of tugging on clothes until she can snuggle against you.

    Those who don't know - surgery date is set. 2 weeks from tomorrow. And my friend's mom took an existing doll and attached a g-tube to it for DD. I'm going to give it to her when we go to the hospital.
  • Morning has been weird.

    I am having a (career-oriented) identity crisis.  So bad I dreamt of it last night.

    Conn-I'm sorry to hear about that.  How sad.
    WZ-That is very college dorm.  WTF?  You should put something on your door apologizing for their moronity.
    Ali-that makes me smile.  Sounds like she's a tad bit excited.  :)


    I love pistachios.  That is all.
  • Dix, i wonder if miss priss has arrived into the clingy stage of toddlerhood. yay, for the crazy milestones!
  • In Response to Re: Good day:
    [QUOTE]Dix, i wonder if miss priss has arrived into the clingy stage of toddlerhood. yay, for the crazy milestones!
    Posted by Wzz[/QUOTE]


    DefConn's always been somewhat of a snuggler, but he's been a lot more so lately.  I love it.  :) 
  • It's wonderful, except for when she freaks out if I have to pee. And the other night she wanted nothing to do with me and howled until H came out of the bedroom and picked her up.
  • I love when you guys talk about your kids so highly.  It makes me actually maybe think about having kids.

  • In Response to Re: Good day:
    [QUOTE]I love when you guys talk about your kids so highly.  It makes me actually maybe think about having kids.
    Posted by **O-Face**[/QUOTE]

    They're fun and funny little creatures. Even when they're beastly.
  • i easily forget about the mania.

    when he looks at things for the first time, and has magic in his eyes, all the craziness goes away.
  • Zilla, your little guy and neice are getting so big. How cute are they? They look like best buds too.
  • they really are, nola. she is also his boss.

    i want to be humble, but they are flipping adorable together. she's a little genius, that one. it's like talking to an adult and she's only a few months older than he is.

    a recent conversation with her went down like this:

    me: we're going to go to the beach this summer, and play in the sand, and build sandcastles, and then maybe put your swmmies on and go in the water!

    her: that sounds like a lot of fun!

    me: and then we'll have hot dogs on the BBQ

    her; i love BBQ!

    i died.
  • Cute. Do you think they would go to the same elementary school? How sweet would that be, and nice for you and your sister too.

  • i hope so, but we'll see. we live in different cities.
  • Yeah, that might not work then. Either way, it's nice that they are close in age.
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