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What to wear?

Hi Everyone,

We are struggling with what kind of outfit my fiancee should wear?  She is not butch, but not feminine etiher.  She doesn't want to wear a plain suit either.  We love what Ellen wore, but cannot find anything like that anywhere.  Suggestions?

Thank you!!!


Re: What to wear?

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    What type of outfit does she usually wear if she has to dress up for an event?
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    I have absolutely no help to offer you ... my fiance and I are in the same boat.  I want a traditional dress but she is leaning towards a feminine pantsuit, and we just can't find anything worthwhile.

    If you get any suggestions, if you could pass them my way, I'd appreciate it.  Good luck!!!

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    I'd get something made for her if I were you, check on Etsy!

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    Loved the links 2dBride.  I was also in the same boat, but luckily my better 1/2 had an idea in her head already of what she wants her outfit to look like.  After a very bad stick figure rendering of said outfit, we took that to a local tailor and they were able to draw from her outfit and make me a wonderful butch/femme suit to coordinate with hers.  They look really nothing alike (since mine is a 3-piece and she is just a vest with a keyhole back) but they took the over-sized lapels and brought it into my outfit.

    We didn't have much luck at the larger chain stores (maybe it was a southern thing-not sure) but the smaller tailors were all willing to help.  We settled on the one simply because we felt more comfortable with them...never knew there was so much to learn about fabric!
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    Surprisingly, my slightly butch better half found a dark navy pencil skirt that she loved.  She wore it with a cream sweater set that she already had.  First time in 15 years she wore something other than pants or shorts.  It was perfect.
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