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"Flow" of the reception at the white room - kind of getting nervous and need advice

So I need help from any white room rooftop/loft brides in st. augustine, or anyone knowledgeable about this venue:

My wedding is July 12, 2013, and I am very worried about the flow/set up of the wedding. I have not been to a lot of weddings (all of them have been informal too), but I have just learned from my future in-laws how the flow of the reception should be with the bridal party and family being announced in and then our first dance and people dancing while people are eating and going through the buffet - well, I am just worried about the size of this space and everyone fitting since its kind of like we'd be sitting in one room and then dancing in another in the loft the way the venue is layed out. Also, I've toyed with the idea of the dancing being outside under the stars and twinkle lights, but the entire future in-law family is against this because of it being in July in FL.

Please, any advice I need help!  I'm kind of at the point where I dont know what to do/decide. I've emailed our point person coordinator at the white room, and they have been most helpful, but they are out of the office until later this week and I'm kind of already freaking out.

Re: "Flow" of the reception at the white room - kind of getting nervous and need advice

  • Can you set up fans outside so you have the dancing outside under twinkle lights? I think it'll be fine to eat in one room and dance in the other. The last wedding I went to, the meal felt like it went by so fast....no one was dancing while dinner was served. While some people were finishing up dinner they did their all their toasts. Once dinner was over everyone was up dancing. No one really stayed seated. Then you can call everyone to stand around you while you do your first dance/Father Daughter dance etc.
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  • I had my wedding at the White Room in March. It was perfect.  I was also worried about the flow of everything, but it all went really well.  I will send you a PM with my timeline.  It is the timeline I gave to the DJ and then shared it with my coordinator (Meghan) and it all flowed very well.  We did have the dancing outside.  I think if you are having an evening wedding you will be ok with the temperature.  
  • What time is the wedding? If it's daytime then I think people will cook on the roof, if it's an evening wedding, then I think you're fine! I'm familiar with the space.

    If you want dancing on the roof, have cocktails out there, and then you'd enter, have intros, do the first dances, and head back inside for dinner. There's no problem with people going back outside to dance after the dinner. Most people WON'T be dancing until after dinner, even if the floor has been opened.
  • Thank you guys for your supportive advice! The White Room coordinator said we could make the decision that week where the dancing will be, so that was a little easier on the mind. The wedding and reception will be at night, so I think it will be ok temp wise outside, though some of my future inlaws think otherwise and have said they wouldnt come outside at all.

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