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I am getting married next October in Mystic.  We were going to have a band play but two of the members are moving away so instead we are getting a DJ.  Please give me some suggestions!  I just want people to DANCE!!!!


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    Some of the ones we liked
    Mike Connelly
    DJ Mellee 
    Music and Motion
  • You will hear DJ Melee mentioned on this board over and over again, but I'm guessing he's booked already for Oct 2012- unless you are having your wedding at a different time/day than a Saturday night. I also liked After Hours and the Music Machine out of Rhode Island- Zach Dauphanis is good also (

    I know there has been recently some negative feedback on here about The Party Pros (I believe) and also from DJ's being rude when you decide not to book them, I believe it was Tom at Starry Night entertainment that some girls were upset about.
  • We are using DJae Melee.  We met with Mike Connolly and Powerstation.  We liked both of them and actually had a hold with Powerstation before meeting with DJae Melee.  When we let Powerstation know we chose someone different the guy we were dealing with was less than professional (downright rude) about it.  For that reason I will not recommend him or his company to anyone.  I've been to weddings where other guys from Powerstation were the DJ and they were great, but I frown upon this guy's customer service skills (and I think he's the sales manager). 

    Also, shop around for pricing and reviews!  DJae Melee was EXTREMELY affordable.  I'm talking more than $1k cheaper than some of the other big name DJ's.  There's a HUGE variation with pricing when it comes to DJ's. 

    Good luck!
  • We LOVED our DJ--they were hands down.....PHENOMENIAL!! We had a blast, danced the entire night & they were awesome to work with! Guests are still talking about how much fun they had & how our DJ was the best they have ever seen!!

    We used Richie from Jimmy Dee! Best decision we made! They are out of White Plains, but so worth it!

    Some others that are great as well...
    Music in Motion
    Dance to the Music

    HTH & GL!!
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  • We also had our reception in Mystic and had a GREAT experience with Peter Devine from After Hours.  He truly went above and beyond and helped to coordinate our reception.  They're out of Enfield but will travel and will also meet you at a place that's convenient for you, location wise.

    Good luck!
  • We are using Local Motion in East Haven and we know a few others who have used them. Bill is awesome - check them out! Good luck.
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  • Thank you so much!  I will start shopping around this week.
  • I had an awesome DJ for my June 2011 wedding in Mystic.  I was worried at 4 months to the day that I wouldn't find one, since all the popular ones were booked.  But a fellow knottie recommended him to me and he's was great!  I couldn't find a better price, he was friendly and personable and willing to do whatever necessary to make your day memorable without jacking up his prices, and got my party on the dance floor.

    Action DJ Entertainment
    John Caccioppo
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  • After hearing all the great reviews about DJ Melee on the various boards here, I contacted him and was super excited about the meeting we were about to set up. He was going to write back with some of his available dates. But then he didn't, so I emailed him, and emailed again, then I called - all with no response. Not an ideal way to build your business.

    We researched again, found Entertainment Unlimited and found no negative reviews, so we chose them. Bob, the owner, came to our house to meet and within 20 minutes, everything was set and we were extremely happy.
  • my favorite vendor of the night by far: Harry gambradella from
    He truley was a master of ceremonies
  • Definitely check out Zach Dauphinais, I'm using him for my August wedding and he's been so helpful and super organized! His prices are way better than anyone you'll find at a bridal expo.
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  • My good friend used VIP Events and so did her sister. I have been to a lot of weddings that are boring, they def. kept the crowd dancing all night and had a mix of music for all ages. They had oldie remixes of songs.
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