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Keeping Guests Cool...

Hi! I live in Charleston, SC and my wedding is July 24, 2010. I know that it gets crazy hot here in the summer (lived here my whole life... no one knows this better than I do), but I just fell in LOVE with this place and it was affordable. I'm trying to find ways to keep my guests cool. I'm talking to my officiant about keeping the ceremony fairly short and sweet and if there's any other "extras" that we would like to do, we can have them once everyone is inside for the reception. Plus, the location is right on the water so I'm hoping there will be at least a light breeze and the ceremony is in the evening. The location has two fairly small tents that we are going to use and put as many guests under them as will fit. My best friend is a graphic designer and she's making my programs into fans for each guest and we're going to have galvanized tubs full of ice with small water bottles for each guest. Any other ideas? I'm on a bit of a budget here and access to electricity is fairly limited (not inaccessible....but limited) on the lawn where the ceremony will be. Thanks!! Brianne

Re: Keeping Guests Cool...

  • I plan to keep the ceremony short, but then I'm also utilizing our programs to double as paddle fans and we'll be giving out bottles of water. HTH!
  • Yep, we are getting married on July 24, 2010 too! Except we will be in Charlotte, NC by the lake on a lawn where it will be hott.  I am going to make the program fans and have water bottles there too. I don't think there is much else I can do for the guests except by making the ceremony fairly short. 
  • We're getting married on August 28 and I plan on the same thing...program fans and water bottles for the guests.  Luckily, our site is in a garden and sompletely shaded by large, old trees so that will help keep everyone cool.  We're also right on the Potomac RIver so hoping for a breeze as well!
  • I'm August 28th as well, I have bought engraved sandlewood fans and will have refreshments on hand. I did read somewhere that you can rent those industrial sized fans for outside, something to look into for you guys. I'm hoping it won't be TOO hot.....but mostly that it doesn't rain....

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  • where are ya'll getting your fan/programs?  I'm trying to find cheap ones and thinking maybe they could double as favors.
  • serve chilled mint tea or punch..
    double fans into program holders... sandalwood fans are good.
    can you change the time of the ceremony to a cooler part of the day?
  • I am loving the program fan idea also...stumbled across it on here the other day....I am doing the DIY ones found here www.wedding-paper-products.com/Fan-Programs.php" target="_blank">http://www.wedding-paper-products.com/Fan-Programs.php

    You might want to look into the price of renting a larger tent.  if you squish as many people under two small tents as possible, and have people out, I know I would not feel so great baking and getting burned while others are cool under shade...It does not seem considerate to all of your guests to not cover them all... Just a thought.  I know they can get spendy, but it might be something worth considering.  Not to mention those under the tents might be very squshed and uncomfortable. 
  • I'm so excited to hear other ladies having hot and sticky outdoor summer weddings!! I just have one suggestion: PLEASE try to avoid using plastic water bottles and 8 out of every 10 end up in landfilsl. Instead offer glasses of water from containers with lime, lemon, cucumber or basil in it! This is a cost effective and delicious too! Just a thought!

  • See about renting a Port-A-Cool fan
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