Holiday Plans?

How are you spending the holidays?
Are you splitting the time with yours & FI/DH's family?
Travelling?  Staying in?  Gift giving/saving money?
Fun traditions? 

Re: Holiday Plans?

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    We're gift giving... I'm a sucker for Christmas and feel like I sacrafice enough on a daily basis & I still want my holiday :) The hard part, though, has been not dipping into our wedding savings for Christmas lol... it's so easy to say, "Oh I'll just put extra money in with the next couple of paychecks to make up for it!"

  • krisdoug13krisdoug13 member
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    We're spending Christmas eve with his family, and Christmas Day with mine.  We are gift giving, kept it on a budget but he has a big family so even with a budget it can be expensive. He has 3 sisters, one is married and has a kid.  I love the gift giving part, I like putting the thought, buying and wrapping the presents and then seeing their face when they open it. 
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    We haven't done Christmas for each other since the first year we were together.  The second year we were saving for the wedding, the third one we were saving for a house.  This year we don't have any of that, but we got so used to focusing on everyone else.  It works for us. 

    We're hosting Christmas at our house for my Dad's extended family on Christmas morning.  So about 25 people will be showing up at 9am, should be interesting. 

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!
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    We're leaving tomorrow to spend some time with DH's family in GA.  He was up here last year, so now it's their turn.  We are gift-giving this year, but managed to keep the cost down with a lot of DIY gifts, most of them knitted.  For us, I made us a pair of matching Christmas stockings for our first year as Mr. & Mrs.
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    We are fortunate that our parents live 15 minutes apart, so we get to see both families on Christmas! We'll see my extended family on Christmas Eve, and then his extended family over the weekend.

    I'm such a sucker for Christmas, and I love buying presents for him! We tried to go easy this year, but didn't do very well. (Ditto on resisting the urge to take money from the wedding fund!). And last Christmas, FI broke his leg like four days before and had to have surgery, so Christmas was pretty terrible. I'm just so excited we get to do all our Christmas things this year, instead of FI being passed out on painkillers, haha.
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