E-pic/STD advice needed

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Anyway, our wedding is 10/1/10 and I wanted to include some of the epics on the STDs. I wasn't even thinking that we should probably have done these as soon as we booked our photog since it would be cold outside and harder to take outside pics. I really want "cityish" outdoor pics but my photog is recommending that we wait until it is warmer.

1. Any experience with taking pics outside in the city in winter? If you have examples in bios that would be amazing!
2. Do you girls think that I have time to wait until it's warmer? I thought STD timing was about 9 months or so and most of our guests are out of town so they'll need to make arrangements.
ugh, i feel like i dropped the ball on this one Yell

Re: E-pic/STD advice needed

  • I say go for it. Our wedding is in May and we just sent out our STDs yesterday. We took our pictures the day after Thanksgiving on the riverwalk in Naperville and I loved them.  And winter ipictures (especially in Chicago) are beautiful!!
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    You could totally take cute outdoor photos in the city. Just find cute hats or ear muffs, mittens, and scarves and hit the town.

    -Figure skating at Millenium park or the smaller skating rink off of Randolph in Grant Park could get the skyline in the background.
    -Walking down Michigan Aveunue hand in hand with a coffee.
    -Standing in the middle of La Salle kissing with the Chicago Board of Trade building behind you.
    -Heck, having a snow ball fight in one of the many parks in this city. The Gold Coast would be great for this as you could still get the tall buildings in it.

    Just remember you'll have to take breaks periodically to warm up.
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    Also, unless you're having a destination or holiday-weekend wedding, STDs don't really need to go out 9 months in advance. 

    I think winter pics in the city are cute, but depending on your photographer's and printer's turn around times, you could wait until March to take pics (when it might be 40 degrees and opposed to 20).
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    STDs should go out 6-8 months before the wedding, so you still have time! One of my good friends did a winter e-pic shoot and they were beautiful - they did a lot of pics walking by the lake front in Lincoln Park with the skyline in the back and some "industrial" style pics near el tracks and stations. I love the ice skating and snowball fight suggestion! if you want an indoor, non-wintery photo then you should check out the Lincoln Park Conservatory - we did some there and they're beautiful!   GL!
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    We are in the same situation! I think we are going to send ours out in March but that still puts us getting our pictures in the winter. I  too want our pictures to be outdoors in the city and Ihink it will be fun. The only thing I'm going to ask our photographer about is if we get really red because it's so cold maybe it would be better to do more black and white shots. ...
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    I agree with all the PP and you really don't need to send them out until 6 months before, so you have plenty of time. You could also take pics inside at famous Chicago spots, like Union Station, lobbys of hotels or famous buildings, etc and then pop outside for a few too.
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    LOVE the ice skating idea. I googled ice skating engagement pics all day at work today haha
    Thanks ladies!
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    we had our epics in the spring but dressed as though it was summer. it was challenging. it started to get cold out and after about an hour our noses got red and in the remainder of the pics we looked rosy and almost drunk. i am happy about our pictures but i think at this time of year you would get red real quick. at least i know i would.
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