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MB Vista Suite Help!

Hi everyone... 

My fiancee and I are getting married on October 30th of this year. The wedding is at 3PM. We booked our reception in a Vista Suite and plan on it just following the wedding but I just found out that the check in time is 3PM. I am worried about getting the caterers in and set up, and they plan to arrive at 3:30PM.

The obvious solution to these concerns would to simply book the Vista Suite an extra day in advance, but we're looking at another $350-400 to do that and quite frankly, we can't afford it.

Does anyone have any advice on this? Right now, the shaky plan is to try to get MB to give us our suite as early as possible, but they have reiterated that there is absolutely no guarantee and that if no room is available (even at 3PM!!!) we would have to wait. I think of the consequences of that and literally shudder.

Please help! Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Looks like someone else beat me to the punch with this question... Read that thread and the general consensus is - spend the money, get the room. I see where you are all coming from (totally, believe me) but what if we literally could not do it? Is Vegas THAT insane for Halloween... ? (Pretty sure I already know the answer... lol.)
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Re: MB Vista Suite Help!

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    Well YES it CAN be done, I did it, but with the fact that you have any earlier wedding it makes it very hard. That's why I moved my wedding to a later time so that I would not have to have an extra night because like you it was just getting to much on the budget. Have you tried to get a later ceremony?
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    The problem is that the Vista Suites are pretty much constantly booked.  There's very little chance of the room just being open; to get you in, they're going to have to wait for the current occupants of the room to leave, and then clean it.  (Apparently cleaning can take upwards of an hour.)  If it's a busy checkout day, housekeeping might not be able to get up there right away, and if people are checking out late, you're pretty much boned.  We went at about 8:30am the day before our wedding to check into the Vista Suite, we finally got in around 2:00.  And that was with frequent trips to the front desk, which you're not going to have time for on your wedding day.

    It sucks, but pretty much your only options are to book the extra night or push your ceremony later.  Are you sure you couldn't squeeze the extra money from somewhere?  You could maybe downgrade your wedding package a bit, or start bringing your lunch to work instead of buying.
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    My suggestion would be to try and change your ceremony time if possible. I'd rather do that then take a chance on not being able to get into the room, or having to rush.
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    Ditto PP's.  Is it possible to change ceremony time?  Then you can make groom deal with check-in while you are getting dressed etc...
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    Ditto previous posters
    FI and I are usually in Vegas for Halloween and yes it is busy, not as busy as say Memorial weekend but there is a definite attendance increase that weekend.  Last year we had problems booking a room on short notice for some last minute friends.

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