Tented ceremony?

Has anyone had or planning to have a tented ceremony? I think I found my ideal venue but the only ceremony space in the same area is outdoors. I think if I have a tented ceremony then I will less likely worry about certain elements such as too much sun.

If you have planned a tented ceremony any advice? any bay area vendors that you recommend and approx how much did it run you? We are planning to have approx 100 people so 50 on each side.


Re: Tented ceremony?

  • peter.bernicepeter.bernice member
    edited December 2011
    I totally want to do a tented or somewhat tented ceremony also. Have you thought about or maybe asked if they allow umbrellas? Or have umbrellas that you can use? I was thinking about that for my ceremony. :) Where are you getting married? I would love to have an outdoor ceremony, but haven't met with venues yet. Where in the bay area are you looking?

    Have a great day!
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