Looking for a Chicago Florist - Be Careful with Scarlet Petal!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to tell those of you  who are looking for an area fiorist to BEWARE of SCARLET PETALl! (They're on Ferninand St. in the city)

I AM NOT A FAN OF Scarlet Petal AT ALL!!

It is unfortunate to have a bad experience with a vendor for the biggest day of your life. I didn't know much about Scarlet Petal before. But boy I wish I did because I would've never spent the $$$ money for my flowers there, nor used them as a vendor.

In sum:
- The centerpieces were WAY smaller than we wanted and paid for and the bouts were no good and were falling apart. I was so disappointed with the scale and "design" of the centerpieces. They were just okay. I think I could've done better myself, honestly. For what we paid for, they were A LOT smaller than what we discussed! And by the time the reception hit, 3 groomsmen had no bouts. Just fantastic for photos, right?

- They didn't understand my vision (Mainly Esther...after saying she did)
What I wanted for a place card table was simple - they goofed it up and charged us a lot for it.

- They/Esther didn't do mock ups. So the first time we saw them were AT the wedding! Spending almost $7k in flowers to be surprised? I think not. Once again, had I known that, I would've taken my money to someone else's talents.

I feel like I was ripped off for what I paid vs. what I received from Scarlet Petal. They are way too pricey for what you get, trust me!! Don't get taken advantage of like we did. (which is exactly why I HAD to write this).

And those were just some of the problems I've had with them.
I voiced my thoughts to them after the wedding and received no "I'm sorry" or anything. That is just bad business. I continue to direct people I know who are looking for a florist elsewhere, where I know they will be happier.

I was so bothered with Scarlet Petal that I want to take it up with the BBB.

And, Scarlet Petal didn't let us pay by credit card. Yep, I'm serious. To this day, I am very bothered by them. WATCH OUT! 

There are a lot of good, other florists out there. What are your favorite Chicago florists?

Re: Looking for a Chicago Florist - Be Careful with Scarlet Petal!

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    I smell a fake bride.
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    Definitely someone posing as a bride. As a bride that has used them and knowing 2 close friends who used them (that is how Iearned of them), half of what is said above is false. They do offer a mock-up of one style centerpiece and they do take CC through PayPal. As for your other fake allegations...try again!

    Find a more productive way to lead your life than posting fake entries on The Knot! IF you are a competitor to Scarlet Petal...put your energy into promoting your own strengths. If you are just a whining bride b/c you did not get your way...get over it!
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    that's interesting.  I know a few brides that had wonderful experiences with them, their service, and the quality of their work.
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    I'm another bride who is smelling a fake poster. We used Scarlet Petal, and all of these statements in the OP are completely off base. It's this posters first post and she complains about a vendor who gets raves on this board? I don't buy it.

    Part of your contract with Scarlet Petal allows you to see at least one of your arrangements (you get to choose which one) about a month before the wedding. You can also pay to see more if you want. If she failed to set that up with them, that's her problem.

    They do accept credit cards. That was just completely false information.
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    i smell fake! i'm flagging it.
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    Wow... I'm just amazed that someone would post something like this.

    From a bride who actually DID USE Scarlet Petal, I can't disagree more with the statements made. I saw BOTH of my centerpieces AND my bouquet prior to the wedding and they were even better the day of the wedding.  I had a very specific vision which was perfectly captured by Jenny for a very competitive price. Even if they didn't accept credit cards (which I'm told they do), that is not unusual in the small wedding business world.
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