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September 2012 Weddings

Close call....hopefully

Backstory:  My MOH moved from our hometown in FL to NYC in February.  When she packed for her move, she knew there was a chance that her dad would be selling her childhood home (where she was living) because her parents were going thru a messy divorce.  She moved to NYC without knowing where she was going to live past the first month and without a job.  So knowing her life would be chaotic for a little, she left a dress and pair of heels with me in case she wasn't home before my brother's wedding in July which she hoped to attend.  She didn't attend his wedding so I still have the dress in its dry cleaning bag in my closet.

Flashforward to yesterday.  I get a text from my mom saying that MOH's mom will be swinging by their house to pick up MOH's dress and her bridesmaid dress because MOH's mom is flying to NYC to spend some time there with MOH and then they are driving to the wedding (in VA) together from there.  I immediately called my mom and said I was 99% sure that she didn't give me her BM dress but when I got home I'd check.  Got home and looked...no BM dress.  I called my mom and told her.  She then called MOH's mom to let her know.  MOH's mom dismissed it as she must have just misunderstood.  This would not be atypical for MOH's mom who is older and a bit senial.  MOH's mom said not to worry she's sure MOH must have it.  I've elected to (try) not to worry about it until I get a call from MOH that the dress is actually lost.  Never heard back from my mom, MOH, or MOH's mom about the exact location of the dress.  I do believe it is a misunderstanding because all the times I've talked to MOH recently she never mentioned remembering her dress.  So here's hoping it was just a close call!  Otherwise, she has 9 days to find a replacement dress or my best friend of 19 years will oddly not be standing next to me at my wedding. 

Re: Close call....hopefully

  • my sister STILL has not come to try on her dress. I'm getting so mad. I know we both have crazy lives and she's busy running her restaurant but my god, I'm your baby sister come try on your dang dress! Bridezilla rant over. I sure hope the dress is found. Or a replacement. In my case, I wouldn't make my MOH sit out for lack of dress, but I know that my wedding is low key and that most of you ladies have poured your hearts into these events and want everything perfect. I'd say start looking for a replacement just in case! Good luck
    -First came baby, Then came love, Now here comes marraige in the marriage carriage??-
  • To put it lightly, what a bummer. I hope it turns up! If not, just see if she can get a different dress so she can still be your MOH. A lot of people I know have their MOH wear a different dress anyway. Fingers crossed for you!
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