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How did you go about selecting yours? What price point did you establish? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  • FI's cousin has his own DJ company, so that was a pretty easy decision for us lol! 

    His company normally serves the St. Cloud area.
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  • We chose someone we know that has DJed many of our greek formals. It was pretty much a no brainer for us! Ours also usually does things in St. Cloud - is it stclouddj.com? Haha. They have awesome DJs, I've seen or worked with most of them at some point!
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  • hordolhordol member
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    We went with Midwest Sound because their reviews outshined that of any other DJ company. Plus I thought their prices were very resonable: our quote was for 6 hours of music (2 hours dinner, 4 for dance) for $495.

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  • We went with Instand Request. It was between them and Adagio. Our photographer randomly suggested them to me on the phone when he didn't know who we were getting quotes from. I didn't even bother with a face-to-face meeting. We have unlimited time (cocktail hour, dinner and dance til midnight+) for $595. It will probably be about 8 hours.
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  • We went with Midwest Sound because of a previous business relationship with them.  They did a great job and were price competitive.  Our dance floor was packed all night.
  • I went with a DJ that I knew from The Red Carpet in St. Cloud!! He is so awesome and is doing our whole day for about 200!! Let me know if youd like his number! :) His name is DJ Hapka.
  • I went with a DJ that I knew from The Red Carpet in St. Cloud!! He is so awesome and is doing our whole day for about 200!! Let me know if youd like his number! :) His name is DJ Hapka.
  • We were recommended to Central MN DJ Co., then I posted here and they were also recommended here.  I can't wait!
  • Our venue reccomends Midwest Sound and I had met with them at a previous bridal fair and I knew we were going to book with them. They are so nice and helpful!
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  • Does he have a web site?
  • We went with Midwest Sound because they got rave reviews. We got quotes from 3-4 different companies and they were all $595. They also reached out to us a few times and I never heard from the other companies after I got the initial quotes.
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  • Thank for all the great recommendations. How far in advance did you book?
  • We booked with Adagio Djay and chose them because they are one of our WP's preferred vendors, and Jay is SUCH a nice guy and I vibed so good with him!
    We booked him about 9 months out.
  • We are using a DJ that our venue recommended.  Rising Stars Productions.  They don't have a website and go entirely by word of mouth, but they do a lot of weddings, so they must be good.  We met with them a couple months ago and we clicked right away.
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    I met my DJ at a bridal show.  As soon as I talked with Matt (the owner), I knew he was the one for our wedding.
    First Choice DJ Service.  www.firstchoicedjservice.com

    One of my concerns leading up to the wedding was whether or not people would actually dance, and the dance floor was busy most of the night.  He was really great at getting people back out onto the dance floor after it had slowed down a bit.  He was more than I wanted to spend at $795, but I think he was compeltely worth the price.  I'm SUPER picky about DJ's.  Seriously, it's usually my biggest complaint about other people's weddings, and I absolutely LOVED ours!  I had 4 family members come up to me that night or the next day complimenting me on how great the DJ was.  My only complaint is that he played a couple of my specific requests when I was out of the room having a tearful goodbye with a friend.  But the dance floor was packed at that time, and they were great songs.  I'm sure he just didn't realize I wouldn't be able to participate at that time.

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  • Anthony from Instant Request. The price was awesome and he was AMAZING. I was able to go up and request anything I wanted that I forgot to put on the list throughout the night. He was a major people person, and did a fantastic job of getting the older crowd up early in the night :)
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