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Anyone book Heritage Museum and Garden?

We're planning from San Diego and want to have the wedding near our families in Southeastern Mass...Their website doesn't have much info.  I'd love to know more about it and the Casual Gourmet.  Thanks!
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Re: Anyone book Heritage Museum and Garden?

  • I'm also planning from CA, (Los Angeles.) I liked Casual Gourmet and they were very helpful, but ultimately a bit out of our budget. We're going with Treats Catering and I can't recomment them enough, they've been great to work with- very responsive and on-top-of-things and their food is great. Definitely worth a look.
  • Heritage Gardens - I wanted to look there, but they didn't have rates in time for when we wanted to book.  They seemed very nice, though, and are accessible and responsive via email.

    Casual Gourmet - We did meet with them, but ended up going with a venue that made the food, as well.  They were very nice and can accomodate just about every and anything.  I might also suggest Chef Roland, as I have yet to hear a single bad review about him.  He doesn't have a website but can be reached via phone.
  • We are using casual gourmet for our Sept. wedding. Havent done the tasting yet, but so far have really liked Olive and all the advise that she has given.

    Toured the Heritage and it was beutiful. We ended up going elsewhere because of the limitations of time, and we wanted a place that we could get ready on site.
  • I haven't booked a venue yet but did visit Heritage Museums and Gardens recently. Outdoor spaces are really amazing! The windmill is adorable and the flume setting is beautiful as well. The grounds overall are really great.

    While the outdoor spaces are nice, the indoor reception space leaves something to be desired, you do have the option to put up a tent on the grass (an extra fee). With that said, the indoor reception area isn't horrible, but (in my opinion) would take some decorating. It's very generic looking. Flourescent lighting, light wood doors against stark white walls, exposed vents (though painted white), big french doors that lead to a patio which can also be used for dancing (though you need to rent their tent to do this, $2700). Not a deal breaker but will need some decorating. 

    The reception space is connected to the auto museum, which I thought I would hate but actually really liked. We would probably use it as our cocktail hour location and provides a cool area for guests to walk around and check out the cars while mingling. 

    There is no 'get ready' space for the bride or groom so you must come ready to go on the day of. The Casual Gourmet quoted us at about $120/person for food...though there are no minimums and after looking at their menu I think you could get away MUCH cheaper.

    While visiting I did forget to ask where rain location ceremony's are typically held. I'm assuming in that reception hall which would break my heart as the windmill is too cute to not use. Overall, it's a great venue if you are ok with tenting, or prepared to spend some serious money on decorating.

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