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Venue... help!!!

I'm trying to find a Building/Venue to rent out for the wedding reception, because I want to do things my own way, and cheaper.

I thought that the Pavillion at Kenner City Park would be perfect, but it only seats 100, and I need to seat 300.

Does anyone have ANY ideas?  I don't want to resort to using a Lion's Club or something like that becuase they're all so old, I'd have to spend $1000 just on decorations!

Re: Venue... help!!!

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    Try exhibition hall in Rivertown... Google it... Or the Mardi Gras Museum.  I believe they seat more.  They're pretty cheap too.  I hosted a baby shower there.  You can also bring in your own food and booze!  Hope that helps!
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    How about Gallier Hall?
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    IMHO I think you will run into some difficulty with a 300 guests list and trying to find a venue for a low price. Most places that can accommodate this many people will be your local gym, Lions Club, Labor Union Halls (which appear to be a little outdated). My suggestion is that you slim your guest list a little and go with a more updated venue or keep your guest list and prepare to pay for decor at one of the older places. Also, keep in mind that if you are having a cocktail style/buffet style reception not everyone will need a seat because some people usually stand or dance the entire night. Anyway, if you could try looking into Kenner's Heritage Hall... I just went to a wedding there this past weekend and it was okay.
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  • meganb1977meganb1977 member
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    Ditto Egammo3, if you're trying to do something relatively nice on a budget I would recommend cutting down your guest list closer to 100.  I completely understand about not wanting a Lions Club!  The Foundation Center at Lafreniere Park accommodates 100-140 for a cocktail style party and rents for $200/hour with a two hour minimum, I'm not sure how that compares to the pavilion at Kenner City Park.  You can also cut down expenses by holding your wedding at a non-meal time (mid-afternoon) and limiting your menu to cake and punch.
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  • Sveade1Sveade1 member
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    I really appreciate everyone's help, here are some more details so y'all can understand where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I have until August 2013, so I'm purposely being super picky, I don't have a reason to rush into picking somewhere, so I'm shopping around to find the best deal.
    I have a $12,000 total budget, which some people consider small, I do not

    The reason why I want to simply rent a building instead of a "reception hall" is because I've been quoted $35-$45 a head, WITHOUT ALCOHOL! I know that the price includes more than just food, but I know for a fact that I could put together a stellar menu for less than $10 a head.

    Also, we don't need a DJ becuase my FI is a music major and we've asked his professor's 4-piece band to play, and they're doing it for very cheap.
    We don't need linens b/c we have hand-me-downs from my sister's wedding.

    I'm trying to find the balance between cutting the guest list to get a nicer place, and keeping the list and going with a cheaper place.  I honestly don't think I could cut the list to lower than 250 attending, 300 invited. (Right now its at 350 to be invited, so I'm assuming 300 would show up... is that right?) 

    Thank for all the help, I'm going to call the places y'all mentioned today, cross your fingers!

  • louisianabluelouisianablue member
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    Maybe you should check out White Oak Plantation.  Some of their packages are around $35/person with alchohol.  http://www.jfolse.com/whiteoak/weddings_packages.htm

    I'm not sure if there is a rental fee for the venue.

    Just keep in mind that if you're looking to rent an empty space it won't come with tables, chairs and linens.  You're going to end up spending that cost one way or another.
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    I can't think of any other rental ideas that people haven't already mentioned, but I did want to back up louisianablue on this one.  FH and I looked around at renting a place when we first started the hunt.  It turned out to be almost just as expensive once you factored in the million things, like catering, fees, and any decorations.  We found it so much easier--and cost-appropriate--to just get the traditional all-included reception hall (we went with Magnolia Plantation, have around 300 guests as well).  Plus, fewer vendors we have to keep track of--Magnolia Plantation takes care of all the reception stuff.

    Of course, it's going to depend on what all you want for the reception (like, you don't need the DJ) and where you are looking at, but just a heads up.  Would it be better to work a contract with a regular reception place where they factor out DJ and the things you don't want?  Just an idea.
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  • Also consider Capdeboscq Catering they have great prices and cake allowances and alcohol ar included in their pricing.
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