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Hello everyone, I am about to book Land's End in Sayville for Nov 2010. Anyone have any advice? Thoughts? Also I would love if someone could suggest a hotel. We would be having a Friday night wedding with 240 invited where most guest would be coming from Brooklyn. Thanks!!!

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    If you book with them, I'm sure they'll recommend a hotel in the area. They might even have special rates/shuttles between Land's End and their hotel.
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    I am getting married there in 7 weeks, they gave us a great deal because it was November and we reserved rooms at the Hilton Garden was the closest hotel to Lands End, very nice (and clean) and gave us the cheapest rate (89/night). Unfortunately no shuttle provided but we're going to get our own shuttle anyway seeing as its so close. Hope this helps!
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    Most hotels are around the LIE and usually the guests get shuttled.  Good Luck.
    I am in the business of covering chairs for weddings and I am in Sayville.  If interested let me know.
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