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Signing a Contract - Panicking!

So I feel like I am panicked as Sunday draws closer. I really think we have found our wedding venue, but confused on what exactly a contract entails.... is it every detail of the reception?  Or just something that initially holds the date? If it does consist of everything.... how long does it take to decide on all the aspects? Is that when you negotiate on a few "extra's" if they are willing?

Please help!

Re: Signing a Contract - Panicking!

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    I signed my initial contract last February and I have my first detailing meeting with Melanie this Feb.  The contract is just to secure the date and states the required minimums for your event.  The deposit is due at the time the contract is signed as well.
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    Would you mind if I asked if the deposit was a set fee or based on your head count?
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    It's not based on head count because that can always change during the planning process.  It's based on what day of the week the wedding is on.  A Saturday has a higher deposit than a Friday or Sunday would.  I think it also depends on if you are having the ceremony there as well.
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    If you are doing an all-inclusive place, it might also include mention about times where you can access the site for setup, information about when future payments are due and when the final headcount is due. 

    Also, be sure you understand any additional fees such as service fees and whether those are considered a gratuity to the service people or if the venue keeps that fee for its administrative work on your event and you are still responsible for paying a gratuity and what that rate might be (18 percent, 20 percent, whatever you choose, etc.) This would only apply to an all-inclusive place, not a venue where you bring in your own caterer because you'd sign a separate contract with them.

    As for negotiation, I was able to negotiate my venue rental cost because I was told a different thing when I looked at the site than what was on the contract. This also would be the time to negotiate additional hours or access time for setup, etc. Basically, once it's a signed contract, both you and the venue are bound to abide by it, so read it very carefully and make sure it addresses all of your needs.

    So don't panic, just be sure to read it carefully and if you're still nervous, give it to someone else (who's not as emotionally invested in the place!) to look over. Good luck!

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