Looking for a venue in Winnipeg

We are getting married October 8th 2011 - Thanksgiving weekend.  We have a caterer, but need a hall where we can bring in our own food - preferably on the West side of Winnipeg.  I would appreciate any ideas.

Re: Looking for a venue in Winnipeg

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    have you tried googling your key words together and see if you come up with anything? While i am in manitoba i am outside of wpg so not much help.
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    You might try community centers in your area, they usually have no trouble accomodating for something like that. Another option is the legions. If you have a family member who is a member you can get a great price, even if you don't the rental o fthe halls are really reasonable.

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    I think I have looked at almost every venue in the city where you can bring in your own food. Community clubs, church halls and legions are definitely an option, but not always the nicest option (although nice ones can be found if do a lot of looking). So here are the best places I've found:

    For smaller groups (Under 120):
    - Studios in the Exchange has a smaller place for under 80 people I think?
    -- As far as community clubs go, Norwood Community Club has nice woodbeam celings, nice windows, and even has a patio off the main hall.

    For a larger group (150 or more):
    - Manitoba Museum has a hall and for an extra cost you can also have exclusive
    access to the displays for the night.
    - Franco-Manitoban Center has a big hall and a patio that you can rent access to as well
    - The Aviation Museum near the airport has an upstairs hall with windows overlooking the runways, or you can have your wedding in the hangar amongst the airplanes which is a neat idea
    - Club 13 (The Polish Combatant's Association) on Main Street
    - The Academy on Osborne can be rented out exclusively and they will let you use your own caterer I think.
    - Maple Grove Rugby Park also has a nice hall that they rent out with lots of windows and views of the surrounding fields and trees.
    - Centro Caboto will sometimes let you bring in your own caterer as well.

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    that is some good useful information :)
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    You might try Red River College--the Princess campus. They have some really cool architecture and you might be able to rent out the board room. I have seen people use it for photos and they are lovely.
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    I think it's the Transcona Country Club that has a really good deal. Check out Weddings in Winnipeg or Winnipeg Weddings, I can't remember what it's called but it's a free wedding magazine. 
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