Seattle photography

Does anyone have any recommendations for up and coming, affordable photographers? 

I want to get somebody who has more of a personal touch then a big commercial photography company....but I also want someone who is relatively affordable. 

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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    IDK if you would consider them "affordable" (because all photographers seemed very expensive to me!), but I am really excited about HR Northwest Photography.  They're based out of the north end (lake Stevens), but they are very personal and they are  less expensive than some of the other photographers I researched.

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    You should check out Chris Ohta Photography. They are amazing husband and wife team that tell the whole wedding story from start to end. IDK your budget but I think they are reasonable.
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    We adore our photographer and she has several packages you can choose from: www.Rebeccajanephotography.net
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    We just hired Les Hays with Natural Ink Photography. Check out his website he is amazing. He has two packagees one 600 the other 850 i think.  But he is really a great guy and his wife works with him if needed. :D 
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    I used Kristin Harris Photography and paid 1,500 for an engagement shoot, 6 hours of wedding shooting (which was more than needed honestly), 2 photographers, and all the photos with the rights to print on my own. She and her 2nd photog were SOOO awesome. 

    Heidi Caldwell is even cheaper. she is 900 for just her (for the entire wedding day, unlimited time) or 1,100 for two photographers. All the rights to the photos, engagement shoot not included. 
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    I am using Red Sparow Photography www.redsparrowphoto.com. She was $1200 for 6 hours plus printing rights. I really like Katie and she seems really easy to work with.

    I also met with Kristin Harris as FTL reccomended and her work is really great. Her prices were good the only reason I went with Katie is I just "meshed" better with her which IMO is important for a bride since it is a really intimate day.
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    I tried to contact Kristin Harris for our wedding since I thought your pictures were so beautiful, and it has been over a month and we haven't heard a thing back! I was suprised since you had such a good experience. Did you have any problems with her not responding?

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    I do want to note: I would steer away from Trisha Owens.  I'm sure her photos are lovely but personally I got a bad vibe from her when we accidentally had a mix up with her at the SBux we were meeting our photog.  We thought Trisha was Rebbecca and sat down and started up the meeting.  Even when talking about our mutual friend, and his baby, Trisha was BSing like she knew him.    Eventually FI realized we were in the wrong meeting when he noticed her name on her photo book.  At the same time Rebeca came over to our table and the mix up was fixed. 
    I'm not 100% on Trisha's pricing but apparently it's up there.  I've heard 5something.  Apparently she's won awards, so she must be doing something right.  I just felt it was shady business.
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    Thanks everyone! This is all great advice, I'm excited to start looking into them! 

    Has anyone heard/used Kristin Honeycutt?
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    [QUOTE] Has anyone heard/used Kristin Honeycutt?
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    I didn't use her, but I know that my photog (Jenny GG) will often refer her to people when Jenny is already booked on that person's date.  A past Knottie from 2010 used her, and her pictures were gorgeous imo.
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    I booked a FANTASTIC photographer. He lives in the Seattle area. Check out his website: xavierimaging.com  He was running a special when I booked him 2 weeks ago. Email and see if he still is. His name is Lance. Tell him Rachel Carlson told you about him. He does great work!
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    My fiance and I LOVE our photographers! Josh & Ali from JayLee Photography! I actually posted a similar post to yours a few months ago and they were recommended. We had our engagement shoot about a month ago and can't wait to get our pictures. They have great prices, especially in the world of photography where things can be very overpriced. They are so much fun to work with, we can't wait to see the rest of our pictures! Here's a link to their blog (we're the far picture on the right): http://blog.jayleephotography.net/?p=1928 You should browse their site, wonderful pictures. Good luck!
  • I recommend NOT using Xavier Imaging.  he's crazy.  He attacks brides when he finds out they've booked with someone else and threatens legal action on them.  Seriously - he's freaking nuts.  If you do a search you'll find a whole thread about a poor girl who got mixed up with him last year.
  • carenmorrisphotography.com

    A really good girlfriend of mine (we went to college together)just had her wedding in the Seattle Area, and she used Caren Morris Photography. She is an up a comer in the area apparently, and her prices are still reasionable. We just got back from the wedding and my gf said that she absolutely loved her, she said she was really accomidating, had a bunch of packages to choose from.......... And most importantly she got to keep the didgital images, and wasn't forced to buy a bunch of really expensive prints after the fact! I wish I could fly her out for my wedding!!! her website is carenmorrisphotography.com. I really hope that helps you!
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