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Confessions Thursday

No, not as in church confession. I don't care if you curse twice in the last day or so. lol that was always my confession ;)

Like today with what was in your mind...give the good, bad and ugly confessions you couldn't/wouldn't wanna share anywhere else.

Re: Confessions Thursday

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    My gown is too to where I cannot sit in it comfortably...the wedding is a little over 7 months away and I freaked out crying yesterday about it. My job doesn't make me feel any better because at least if I was up moving around or something I would feel like I am doing something about losing weight but no, I get to sit at a desk and do NOTHING for 8 hrs a day. In those 8 hrs I could have gone running and did an exercise routine. It makes me feel like crap. Exercising isn't always convenient after work when you have a ton of other things you need to do. SO FRUSTRATING. It's more annoying because I know I am not overweight or anything its just I would like to be in better shape and I would like for my damn dress to fit!
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    I am getting stressed out with the wedding just over 2 weeks away.  In the last week and a half, my FI has had 2 deaths in the family and it is just so sad.  Neither was a shock, but sad nonetheless.  Although the we have our "wedding stuff" in perspective during this time, things still need to be done.  Fortunately, it's all stuff I can handle and let FI and his family grieve.  It's very bittersweet at this point- we're grateful to have such a happy occasion to celebrate soon.  We could all use some extra happiness at this point. 

    @JSweetie- it's going to all work out, you have plenty of time.  I think we all have those moments where we're not happy with our physical bodies.  When my dress came in, it was rather snug.  It is now falling off (all good though b/c I ripped out the zipper and put in a corset back).  Yoga and medifast have significantly changed my body over the past 6 weeks.
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    I have off tomorrow and I took off for wedding planning stuff!!!! Smile
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    Where do I begin? I've gone through 4 hairstylist already in Ct -- all high end salons...dropped a paycheck in each salon and each one was worse then the next! One chopped my bangs to smithereens! It took 2mos just to get them back to normal. Thought I finally landed on the right stylist only to have her screw up my color....I then go to a different salon - to have her do an "ok" job on my hair...charged me up the wazoo for just a color & $65 bucks to take dead ends off and then to find out the owner of the salon would charge me $500 per person if I wanted to use their salon to come to my hotel! to do my hair and my bridal party's hair. That's a big WTF?!
    So I have taken the recco of someone who had their hair done in White Plains. I'll have to suck it up....I hate to travel because I commute all week long. Each way is a 2hour commute - so now i"ll just have to commute every 5-6wks to get my hair done! I'm confident this will be the right stylist since she came highly recco'd and the girl who had her not only had her for her wedding but her party too and their still going back so here's hoping! Altho she's kind of pricey to but what's a bride to be suppose to do? HA If I'm not happy w/ my hair anin't nobody gonna be happy!

    Mrsredmoose! I'm on Medifast too! I fell off the wagon for a few month prior to getting engaged and I'm back on it. I'm losing weight but its not  the same way as I did before but it seems like what I don't loose one week I make up for it the next's hoping it begins to drop off!

    Jamie - are you sorry you asked for a confession? HA and mind you this isn't even the half of it. God give me strength!  :-)

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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:113Discussion:72373675-965c-4978-b8ce-47f1fff55ce4Post:b763fb01-4681-47c1-9035-be258584ffde">Re: Confessions Thursday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Jamie - are you sorry you asked for a confession? HA and mind you this isn't even the half of it. God give me strength!  :-)
    Posted by MYLOVE315[/QUOTE]

    That's the whole point! I know we all have to vent somewhere. Sometimes it's not easy just to talk to someone. I know I personally read each and every confession as well as every post even when I don't respond. I care that's why I want you to confess!

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    Awww thanks Jamie -- you are one amazing woman! what's going on w/ your video trailer? who did you use?
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