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Missouri-St Louis

American Prestige? Worth it?

I received a call tonight from Karen at American Prestige promising a free honeymoon if I sit through their cooking demonstration.  I've researched this with unclear results.  I'm hoping someone in St. Louis can shed some light.  Is this worth it for the vacation?


Re: American Prestige? Worth it?

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    Probably not.  They do a high pressure sell tactic that you have to sit through in its entirety, then you can only go to certain resorts on certain dates (with lots of black outs) and they only pay up to a certain amount on your stay- so it is virtually impossible to do a free honeymoon even if they say it is.
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  • murphbmurphb member
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    I got the same call today. Thanks for the insight!
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  • MrsCiaccioMrsCiaccio member
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    omg!  Don't do it!  It's a scam and you can actually google it.  Be careful-you may start to get calls from other companies you have never heard of-they sell your info.
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    I have a girlfriend that actually went on one of the four day, three night trips and had a wonderful time.  They didn't do it as their honeymoon, they just took the short trip.  But, she had nothing but rave reviews, it was an all-inclusive resort for three nights.  So, I don't know first hand, but it does work out sometimes...
  • sheilaheysheilahey member
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    ok so we did it

    I got the call from karen too

    we went to the demonstration and ate the food, I was convinced there pots and pans are great but def could not afford them! way too expensive!

    so I sent it for my 1000$ grocery coupon, which is legit, but there are not as many coupons to choose from as I was anticipating

    The vacation is a haoz IMO you have to send in $100 (that they say if refundable) before you can even see what cities and dates are availble...then if you book and actually stay you get your 100$ back, but if you dont book you lose that $100...which FI and I decided is to much of a risk not knowing what cities and hotels and dates are involved.

    so there you go I guess for 1.5 hr it was worth the $1000 in grocery coupons, if you have the time to spare

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    I got a call from them today too. I looked them up and the grocery coupon website is definitely a scam. They want you to pay for fees and shipping and they "pay you back" with extra coupons. RIGHT.

    The website for the hotel accommodations seems cheap and information-less too. I'm really disappointed because I thought I won the big prize from last month's wedding fair, but oh well. At least I realized it before going to the event or spending money on it.

    They have a pretty bad report on this consumer website:
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