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Advice on reception food!!

What is everyone serving at their reception? I am going with a caterer from a local restaurant and we originally chose just chicken enchiladas and beef tacos with rice and beans which is awesome at this restaurant, but I'm starting to feel like it's kind of everyday food. This restaurant offers a full menu. Any ideas on what we can serve instead? We'll be doing buffet style. Also, any ideas for like appetizers or tapas during cocktail hour? Thanks!!

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    Our food during the cocktail hour will have a Mexican flair to it, our decor for the reception has a Mexican flair, but our meal itself is going to be pretty standard American.  Our dessert...we are having a wedding cake, traditional American wedding cake and our grooms cake will be Tres Leches.
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    That sounds really good. A bit of both worlds. I just had my engagement party and we had traditional mexican food and for the wedding it will be american with a southern texas style.
    Happy to be prego Mel :)
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    If you want to spice it up a bit, you could include some fruit trays seasoned with hot chile.

    An elegant cocktail before the ceremony, or during the transition time between ceremony and reception could be mini tacos with mini salt-rimmed shooters of tequila or margaritas.  (Brides magazine did a layout like this, by a NY caterer named Mary Giuliani, that looked just beautiful). 

    I assume your caterer is including chips and salsa--perhaps get a quote on a fresh pico de gallo as well?  You can serve your salsa/pico in margarita glasses (maybe one at each place setting), or having chips in terra cotta planters.  Or, even set up an entire salsa bar, with different flavors, colors, and guacamoles. 

    For wedding cake, perhaps a Mexican chocolate?  Mexican wedding cookies are also very traditional and pretty. 

    For beverages, I would suggest finding a local wholesaler (cash & carry or something similar), and offering Jarritos soda.  Perhaps a nice sangria as well.

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    I have half of my reception catered by a local mexican restaraunt and the other half by a local BBQ house so it is still a southwest theme.
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    We are doing mexican/caribbean. If it was just FI & I it would be mostly seafood but we will have picky guests and children, so it will be blackened tilapia, coconut shrimp, jerk chicken.
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