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Iowa-Des Moines

i can't...

...STOP REGISTRY STALKING! Our shower is this weekend and i'm so excited to see everybody and for the shower and the dinner with all the gals that night that i can't wait and i can't stop peeking! there should be some professional help for this. ; )
Not preventing since Oct. 2011.
Me: All things check out so far DH: MFI (VERY low sperm count, low motility, low morph)
12/24/12 IUI #1 100mg Clomid = BFN
On IUI #2 100mg Clomid = BFP!!!!!!!!! Beta #1: 31, Beta #2: 100, Beta #3: 210, Beta #4: 570, Saw Heartbeat on 2/26/13!

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Re: i can't...

  • edited December 2011
    There should be a block on the website so you can't peek! I've always been a snooper, i have even unwrapped my christmas presents and wrapped them back up(that was back when i was 8-9 years old though) Although when you snoop you do get to see what you are getting and can plan where it's going to go in your house...so it's not snooping, it's planning ahead!
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