New grad nursing resume

Does anyone have any advice or know of a place to find sample resumes for a new graduate RN? I can't find anything useable for someone who is just starting out.


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  • Your school's career services center should be able to help you out, assuming you've already checked the basics like google.
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    [QUOTE]Your school's career services center should be able to help you out, assuming you've already checked the basics like google.
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    This.  If you want someone in the medical field to look it over feel free to PM me your email address and I'll send you mine to look over your resume and try to give you some tips.
  • I agree with your school's career services office.  Also, if you had any instructors that you felt you really did well in their class, ask if you can use them as a professional reference.  If you did any internships during the summer, or worked as a nursing assistant, put that on your resume.  I know some new grads will put all of their clinical sites on their resume for "experience" but being on a floor of a hospital for a few weeks as a student hardly counts as "experience" being skilled in that area, so I would not recommend it. If you had a good GPA, were involved in student nurse's society, or any other nursing related organization, I'd list that. 

    Good luck!!
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  • I searched "new graduate nurse resume" on Google and looked at all of the examples. Not all of them are great examples, but it will give you ideas of what to include and how to work things. Then take it to your career services department and have them review it.
  • What one of my instructors really stressed is that anymore, employers are looking for what you accomplished versus what you were a part of.  Also, you can make all jobs you have had nursing-related.  Instead of saying "flipping burgers, running the cash register, cleaning" for job responsibilites at McDonalds, include things like "responsible for customer service, team leadership"...etc.  Hope this helps! Its hard out there for new grads but when you find something you will be SO happy!
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