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Attention Outside Wedding Brides

What month are you getting married?  We picked an August date however I am beginning to second guest that date due to the intense heat.  We are only a few days from August and this past weekend two family members passed out during an outside reunion activity. 

Re: Attention Outside Wedding Brides

  • August is way too hot. Stick to March-early May or late Sept- Nov
  • What part of that day is outside?!
    I would have loved to get married in August, as that is my fav month (for no reason though).
    My wedding is in June... it will be hot, but it's just for the ceremony. People will be sitting, little hand fans will be available and a cold-water bar. Reception is inside. I'm sure people will survive for 30 min outside ;)
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  • We were between February and November based on the heat and wanting to get married outside.  November won.  If you do August provide water bottles and fans to prevent heatstroke.
  • October 28th is my wedding day. Both ceremony & reception are outside. Good luck.
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  • If you do decide to stick with August, I would suggest having the Ceremony start at a later time in the day so that it is starting to cool down a bit, and maybe providing some little fans or water bottles like the previous posters suggested.
    My FI and I were torn between August and October, and our venue manager suggested October towards the end of the day because it is cooler out, and usually the guests are more comfortable.

    Good Luck! :D

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  • My wedding date is middle September. We're planning on having the ceremony early in the morning, probably 10 or 11am before it gets too insanely hot. Our reception will be inside. I'm not too concerened with the heat because how long will your ceremony actually take? Not that long at all. Just made sure you have enough hair product and wear the appropriate make-up! :)

  • Well not only will it be hot outside, but you run the risk of having a floridas infamous isolated thunderstorm rain on your special day. Don't forget it's the peak month for hurricanes. Although we haven't had one in a while, you just never know. Just make sure you have a back up plan, or maybe have a place with a back up plan.
  • I would seriously reconsider an outdoor wedding in August in Florida. I guarantee all of your wedding guests will be so distracted by the heat (sweating, wiping their foreheads, worrying about their runny makeup or sweaty backs soaking through their shirt) that they will miss out on really enjoying your ceremony. No amount of hand held fans and water bottles can compensate for the nasty humidity and heat in August. And the humidity remains throughout the entire day and night- so don't count on an evening wedding to add any relief! 

    Saying this all from experience of course!
  • Mine is in april, i figured the weather will be better then 
  • Mine will be in march, completely outside. I think it'll be perfect weather and the chances of thunderstorms are less likely.
    Ashley & james 3/16/13
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