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Question about planning

So I am not entirely sure where to ask this so here goes...

How many of you use the knot as your only way of planning your wedding? IE: guestlist, seating arrangment etc. How many use a binder etc?

My FI and I are starting to plan our wedding and I have a notebook but use TK as well and transfer to my notebook... I was just interested to see what others do???

:) Thank you :)

Re: Question about planning

  • I made spreadsheets in Excel to track budget, guests, etc. I wouldn't rely on the Knot tools as they are known to be glitchy.
  • I use excel as well. There is too much that can go wrong using a website to track everything.
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  • The only thing I used on TK for planning was the checklist of things to do (I also ripped one out of a bridal magazine to put in my binder) and the advice of people on the messageboards. 
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  • I use the checklist and the budget tool. I wouldn't call it "glitchy" but it does run slow and isn't the best set-up. I'd recommend going through the budgeter and figure out the percentages they suggest for each area of the wedding then use that in your own spreadsheet.
  • I use my binder way more than the website. I use the website only for ideas or for printing stuff out. But all the major things I keep in my binder. It gets to be a hassle when you're meeting with a vendor and you're trying to look your stuff up on a website. I have always liked having a hard copy of everything anyways. Hope this helps :D
  • I am using a binder and I printed out spread sheets on Excel and I am using the check list on here :)
  • Thank you all!!! I believe I am going to stick to my nb/binder and use the website as a backup for the checklist/budget and ideas... Thanks again ladies!!! We are just beginning and I am already stressing :/
  • I bought a wedding planner that's a binder
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