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Sister blabbed to everyone :(

My boyfriend of five years proposed on my birthday, and I have been so excited to tell everyone! ...but I had my closest friend die days after and wanted to wait on the announcement. My father and sister both live in town, so I told them and let them both know it was important to me to tell my mother, other sister, and grandparents myself.

Today, I got a text message from a friend of my other sister saying "congratulations!"

Hmm...my other sister wasn't told. Was she? Apparently, the sister I had told went and told my mother, my other sister, AND my grandparents about my news! I feel completely betrayed by her...this was something I only had one of in my life. Telling my mother and the rest of my family is now something I dread, and isn't exciting for me because she told them.

How do I go from here, what do I say to my sister who I am so angry at I have been crying all day?!

Re: Sister blabbed to everyone :(

  • Don't let this ruin your moment. This is a very special time for you. With the loss of someone so close, I can understand that you wanted to wait to tell some people. If you were waiting to tell your mom or sister in person, I would probably just call them at this point. I understand you're mad at your sister, but staying mad isn't going to help. She only blabbed because she was excited for you.
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  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    I understand that you're upset, but the damage has been done. Your best bet is to really just try and move on from it. Call up those people she told and tell them your news yourself.

    If it was me, I probably would mention to my sister that it was my news to tell, not hers, but that what's done is done. Not in a mean way at all, but gently.

    And congratuations!

  • Sorry this happened.. I know the feeling- I was calling my family and friends and letting them know when all of a sudden my sister facebook tagged me ina   "congrats to my sister and Taylor on their engagement". I got mad at her(didn't show it) and she offered to take it down, but by that time it had about 50 comments, so I told her not to worry about it.. I eventually had to get over it, but it is infuriating.

    What heyimbren suggested is exactly what i did..told her it was my news to tell, but we can't go back and change that now..
    I think people need to learn facebook etiquette and real life etiquette..lol
  • Congratulations on the engagement.  I second (fourth?  fifth?  whatever) what the other ladies have said.  Call your family and enjoy sharing your news yourself for the first time.

    My condolences on your loss.


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