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We decided to elope!

We are still going to keep our date but have decided to elope to Vegas. Things were starting to get too crazy and too big. Our small (50-75 ppl) wedding grew to close to 200! Now it will be the two of us and whom ever wants to join. This feels right. :)

Re: We decided to elope!

  • Wow! Have fun. :) Do you know which chapel you're using? Vegas has some really awesome places to get married.
  • Congrats! There's a hotel on the strip that has the prettiest in-hotel chapel. I forgot which hotel it was but it was definately one of the more luxgurious ones. My girlfriend eloped in vegas last year, it was BEAUTIFUL and we all had a great time. 

    I'm ofen asking myself, who is this wedding for? I don't even get to experience cocktail hour wtf? We are definately working to take the "please the guests, and everyone is haveing a free good time on our expence." We also need to reclaim our wedding.  

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