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Does anyone else....?

Does anyone else find themselves getting a little emotional as you get closer to the big day?

I just watched our videographer's new videos from a recent wedding and got a little teary-eyed!  

Re: Does anyone else....?

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    A couple of weekends ago, I did the same thing.  Watched a new video from our videographer and bam.. I was bawling like a baby.  FI got out of bed to make sure I was ok.  I think for me when it was a year off, it didn't seem real.  It was so far out in the future that I didn't click with me.  I would say it didn't even click with me when I was buying a wedding dress either.  I go down again on May 7th to try on my dress.  I'm thinking it will click then since we just hit the 5 month mark yesterday.  That feels totally weird to say.  
    So, I'm right there with you on the emotional.  It also doesn't help my mom is getting married 2 months from today, so that is a little emotional.  I know while I am standing up at her wedding, I am also going to be thinking about the fact that mine is 3 months away.  Craziness!  I'm totally excited about being married though.  Can't wait!  

  • ToBeMrs2011ToBeMrs2011 member
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    Im still about 5 months out, but occasionally I'll see video clips or read a post on wedding bee and get a little teary thinking about our special day coming up.  

    We have engagement photos in 2 weeks, really excited about those!!
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  • McsweetsMcsweets member
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    LoL me too!  I get teary eyed at the "right" song, video, movie .. all of it.  I can only imagine how emotional I will be once we start having kids!! *sob sob sob*

  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    Yes! I thought it was just me!! Man I did this the other day it was kinda crazy, and the FI looked at me as if I'd grown a 3rd arm.

    I'm glad it's not just me!!
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    LRPJ, I know we are using the same photographer....but I still don't have a videographer. Who are you using? Does anyone have any good, affordable suggestions while we happen to be talking about videos making us emotional and all. ;)
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    We are using Visualities Videography out of Omaha.  It is SO much cheaper for us even with paid mileage, than anyone we found in the DSM metro, and they do all of the editing, which was a huge must-have for us.  A lot of places send their clips to separate editors who weren't even at the wedding.

    Check them out: www.visualitiesvideography.com

    or "like" them on Facebook--they have great reviews.

    When is your wedding?  We could have the same photog AND videog, LOL!  That's great :-)
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    Oh, and I'm SO relieved I'm not the only one getting emotional with less than 6 months to go until our wedding :-P  Too funny!
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