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let's pick up the pace!

I want to know what you all are doing. Whether it's wedding related or not, a vent, or just something good that's going on for you. Please share!

Re: let's pick up the pace!

  • I just scheduled my final walk thru appt with my venue (the one where we decide where tables go & play with up lights and such)! I am so freaking excited I'm literally jumpy! :)

    I'm going to print the programs tonight and hopefully have them assembled by the end of the week!

    1 month tomorrow!!!!
  • I am going through different places to get married and taking photographs of all the places to send to my darling who is letting me go wild with the wedding planning until he's able to come home.. and trying to figure out how we are going to train our cats to be ring bearers
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  • i have 97% of my diy done! I found black shoes that I love and I made a black fascinator! so stress is at all time low!
  • nycegrrl, that's so crazy! I can just imagine you filled joy and ready to EXPLODE while you do your walk through. Ican't wait for that feeling myself! I can't belive it's only a month away. :)

    fireprincess, I'm picturing the cats with little oufits on.

    dizzi, I'm jealous! I would love to have something done...and I would to see this fascinator you speak of.
  • I go to my second fitting tomorrow!!!! I can't wait! This is will be the first time that I will try on my dress without any kind of clip or pin in it. I will try to post photos, if I have time this weekend.
  • Divine: please post pictures. 
    I unfortunately did not take any photos during my fitting (the day had been very hectic.
    The fitting went very well!!! I love my seamstress - she seriously is a godsend. I have a fitting on the 25th and I will take photos. I also will hopefully be taking my dress home that day to!
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    It's all good. Sometimes it can be hard to get pictures. I took tons of pictures at that wedding I went to and FAILED to get any pictures of the awesome outfit that I was wearing. :( That kinda bums me out. My mom was dying to see it. We had a blast getting all dressed up! I suppose I could just put it on again...

    So yeah, I have pictures. I didn't post all of them yet, but I have a facebook album that will show you how beautiful it was. It was Indian themed. I had so much fun! I worked my butt off feeding people and helping out as much as I could, but it was so worth it!!!

    Wedding pictures
  • I booked a DJ, that's the only wedding related thing I could get done lately. 

    On the non-wedding related front we bought our house, have everything moved in, removed wallpaper from one room and ended up having to re-plaster the whole thing, built a fence in our backyard, got the claw foot tub out of the house and replaced it with a modern bath/shower and I've started school again. It'll be nice when we get more remodeling done, and our bathroom isn't quite as hard to get into and when we can move into our bedroom and be able to use more rooms in our house, rather than the few were using until the plaster dries and we can paint. Why doesn't money grow on trees?
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