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Michigan-Grand Rapids

met with the dj today

So we met the dj today and everything was great up until i told him that there would be no father/daughter dance and he told me that he didn't agree with that at all... .... I was floored and didnt feel the need to go into detail about the whole thing so I  kept my cool and politely told him that i am paying him for his services not his opinions.  I hope he got the hint....  I was probably a little harsh but i was very offended... Im hoping things will smooth over before the wedding...yikes

Re: met with the dj today

  • AmoroAgainAmoroAgain member
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    WTH?  That's insane!  That's totally not his business at all.
  • shrades77shrades77 member
    edited December 2011
    wow.   WTH?!
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    What does it matter to him?
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    Whoa.  Make sure you include something like that in your vendor reviews (if you feel it's really awful, like I do).  Seriously unprofessional.
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    Weird! I don't think its okay for DJ's to dictate how you do your reception!

    We met with one potential DJ who was showing us a list of song ideas - when I told them I didn't want any group dances (eg electric slide, cha-cha slide) they insisted it was the only time certain people would dance and that I should really include some. Um, thanks, but I think I know my friends and family better?
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    How weird.  We had a similar issue with one of the DJs we were considering.  When I told him I wasn't doing a father/daughter dance he kept pressing the issue.  He also said he refuses to play YMCA because of the sexual orientation of the Village People.  Needless to say, we did not end up hiring that guy.
  • jleigh1902jleigh1902 member
    edited December 2011
    Wow not cool! Like you said, YOU and paying HIM and if he wants your business he sure has a funny way of showing it! Hope it all works out for you!
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    thanks for the advice ladies... Ive cooled off a bit since ive last seen him ....  I will post vendor reviews after the wedding...... thanks again everyone...
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