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New to the board....and found it at the right time!

Hi! I can't believe I haven't stumbled across this board yet! I'm happy to have for found it!! Yesterday, I was reminded that not everyone accepts interracial relationships. Long story short, while talking about the wedding and the future, my grandmother made some "rude" comment to my mother about me having kids. My mom said she wasnt paying attention to the remark because it didnt really matter. Granted, I'm not very close to my grandmother, but it still reslly bothers me! I just dont understand why people care who people choose to marry. I happen to be white and my FI happens to be black. Shouldn't it matter more that we love each other and he treats me well? Sorry for the rant!
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Re: New to the board....and found it at the right time!

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    Crazy, but you just have to remember that a lot of people are brought up ignorant and continue to buy into ignorance like that!

    Mixed kids are adorbs and genetically it's better to have a wider gene pool so there's nothing for her to worry about.  :)

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