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New Hampshire

Dj suggestions?

 So first check in place.. I booked the Shattuck in Jaffery, NH after going to the tasting and I am so excited... Now another top prioroty of ours is finding a DJ.... I have been looking at Get Down Tonite but was also wondering if anyone has used or heard of  Aaron Topher, since he has multiple "best of" awards. We are trying to keep it at $1000 or less and with my fiance being a music major and teacher he is not a fan of the cheese and props, but we want a great dance party ... any suggestions ladies? 

Re: Dj suggestions?

  • FireDancer04FireDancer04 member
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    I am using DJ Dave Lynch. He falls within your budget and has been wonderful to work with.
  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
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    I've heard great things about Get Down Tonight, though I will say I saw them at the Dream Day Bridal Expo at Searles Castle last week, and it seemed to me like all they did was play cheesy games.  I'm sure a lot of it was just for show, but I personally wasn't impressed.  However, I'm also sure I would probably have a lot of fun at a wedding they did, it's just not the right style for my own wedding.

    I'm going with ECF Entertainment (clicky), winners of multiple Brides Choice awards.  I admit right off the bat that I'm biased because one of their DJs (J Boogz) is a friend of mine, but overall  they're great at working with you and customizing your day to fit your price range.  Their website has a few links to the DJs' respective Youtube accounts and you can see their style - they're great at getting the crowd up and moving and having fun, but for the most part avoid the cheesy games and gags.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

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  • jmw46jmw46 member
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    We are having DJ Jeff Erwin/.  He does weddings, but that is not all that he does so he doesn't have a lot of strictly wedding info on his website (http://www.trashcanlidproductions.com/index.cfm) He works a lot with kids and has a club background.  His pricing for our event was $1,200 I believe, and we put down a $325 deposit when we booked him.

    He is a lot of fun and did my friend's wedding and was amazing.  We are very excited.  He is also very open to suggestions, and having a list of songs you definitely don't want played.  HIs equipment is top notch and he always travels with an extra set in case something goes wrong.  I highly recommend sitting down with him to see if he's the right DJ for you.  For us we didn't want all the games and that stuff, and liked the fact that Jeff has a lot of experience outside event DJing. 
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    We are going with Billy Rears from Main Event DJs.  They were having a special, so we got him for $1080, but they have numerous djs for all different price ranges.  They have been great to work with so far!
  • mariegramariegra member
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    First of all....congratulations on booking the Shattuck!  When is your wedding?  We're there on 9/3 and another NH Knottie, (Amelia), is there in August.  Don't you just love it there??  We probably passed you--since we were at the May 1 tasting also.

    We booked a DJ from Get Down Tonight, (that we met at the Searles Castle last year).  His name is Drew Rissler and he was < $1000.  We told him that we didn't want a lot of 'cheesy games' either.  Good luck with your search!
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    We used Tony Capello from A Good Time DJ's. He was fantastic!  He had the floor packed the whole night. 

    Whichever DJ you choose, meet with them and be sure to be clear about what you do and don't want at your wedding.

    We did not have a lot of games, props or music that you hear at most weddings (YMCA, Old time rock n roll, love shack, we are family etc...). We also did not do the garter or bouquet toss.  We did play the newlywed game though and had a ton of fun!

    Good luck!

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    DJ Lori D. She practically saved my wedding, and she is a super nice person to boot.
    She was very easy to work with, despite our sometimes bizarre song requirements (DH is a musician), and she is well within your budget.

    and she kept the dance floor packed all night :)
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    I booked my dj on Tuesday!  Check!  I went with Get Down Tonight.  We ended up going with Mark Anthony.  He is a little above your budget, but he is going to do piano for our cocktail hour, which when we priced that out, the cheapest we found was $250.  One thing to be careful of when comparing djs, is to check how many hours they quote.  A lot of the places quoted based on 4 hours versus the 5 that Get Down Tonight quotes.  Just make sure you compare apples to apples.  They all also post their overtime rates.  The nice part about the offices with multiple djs is there tends to be a dj for every taste.  Good luck!
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    We used Dave Lynch. He was one of our favorite vendors. He called me the day before the wedding to check on us and see if there was anything he could do. I really honestly think if I had asked him to bake our wedding cake, he would have whipped something up in his kitchen that night. He was incredibly helpful and was completely reliable.

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    We used Bob Kirby from Get Down Tonight.  There were no cheesy games at our wedding.  We asked him not to and he respected our wishes.  The dance floor was packed the whole night and it was a fabulous time.  I highly recommend him.
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    Main Event has a TON of great DJs to choose from ranging in price, I would definitely check them out.. you can watch their videos online :)
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  • kpkeaneykpkeaney member
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    I'm having a tough time deciding on a DJ too. I soooo hate all the games and stuff but I'm also afraid none of my guests will dance (they're an older group, like myself). I hate the idea of paying all that money for something that will really just be background music. "sigh"
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions, I can now narrow down the list and maybe set up some interviews. Mariegra, I do love it there!!! Our wedding is on June 30th 2012. Just in the early stages of planning but I am so excited about finding vendors and checking things off my list! I would love to hear about how everything flows and if you have  any suggestions after the big day.

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