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follow up with priest

Hi ladies,

So I got a call from the church and the priest wants to meet with me and my FI this week coming up since the wedding is about 3 months away.

What do you think it's about? For some reason I feel like I have to prepare for it. We already did our marriage course so I wonder if he is going to go through the result with us.

Re: follow up with priest

  • mica178mica178 member
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    Chances are he just wants to touch bases with you, make sure that you're on track with your marriage prep (both practical and personal).  We met up with our priest from time to time so that he could "take our pulse."    

    If you have any outstanding paperwork to bring in, bring it.  If the priest gave you stuff to read before you get married, read it.  Otherwise, I can't imagine what preparation you need to do.
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    What pp said.
    Also, do you know him well?  He may want to touch bases to familiarize himself with your relationship and interactions so he has a more personal idea of things to refer to in the homily as he sees you growing and preparing for your wedding.
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  • newlyseliskinewlyseliski member
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    He might be getting you started with the process of selecting readings, music and planning other liturgical elements for your wedding?  Perhaps... if you haven't covered it already :)  Ditto PPs, too!  All good things for a 3 months out meeting.
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    No the priests does not know us personally. It is a big parish and I have just recently come back to the faith following my engagement. 

    I'm just worried about saying the wrong things if he asks questions you know.
    I know I just have to go in be completely honest. I also want to ask him to marry me and my FI because I really like his homily during mass. There is another priest at that church and my Fi and I are not very fond of him becaus he just seems so uptight and really strict. 
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    My FI and I have been meeting w/the priest on and off throughout our marriage, like pp said, our priest calls himself our "spiritual coach" and likes to check in with us. not only that, but he gives us things to think about in regards to our engagement period and also to see how we're handling things, in prep for the wedding.
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