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WEIRD Vendor Phone Call

Today I received a very strange phone call from The Cakery. I don't normally feel the need to call vendors out, but this one just has me completely confused.

They called and said:
"Hi Megan, Josh had made an appointment for a wedding cake consultation for this past Saturday at 4:00pm and didn't show up, did you know about this?"
I replied:
Cakery replied:
"Well I was worried that he may have gotten in an accident or something - is everything ok"
I replied:
" Yes and this is very strange to me since we secured our cake months ago, but I can ask him about it"
She then replied:
"No that's ok, I'm sorry" and hung up.

WEIRD!!! I called FI and he of couse did not schedule a cake appoint and I know he didn't since he basically hasn't participated in any of the wedding planning details, he especially would not call a vendor himself. Plus he went with me to meet our cake person months ago!

Anyway, I"m sure they got our names and my number from a bridal show but I thought this was worth posting since it was so weird and random.

Re: WEIRD Vendor Phone Call

  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    edited December 2011
    That is really weird.  Why lie?  Especially about something that you can easily find out about (like you really wouldn't ask your fiance about it...)

    Very werid.  Thanks for the head's up!
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