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Set dinner with no choice?

I picked my venue in haste and learned later that it was so pricey it doubled my budget.  My issue is this that the cost per head has climbed to almost $240, and I'm trying to find ways to cut it.  One of the ways is serving all my guests the exact same thing.  I would save $6 a guest.

 How would it seem if  everyone got a plate of steak with shrimp, without another option?  (but they would still be able to opt for vegetarian---- just no fish or chicken deal).

There are other places I could cut, like cultural additions and late night table, but I want to make sure the menu reflects some traditions, and that no one goes hungry.

Should I risk having less food, or giving my guests a choice?

Re: Set dinner with no choice?

  • peanutty2peanutty2 member
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    If you're going to do one option only - I'd want a really safe option the majority are likely to eat - I think this would be chicken.  Although I don't think steak & shrimp is too bad of an  option, I think chicken will go over more.
    Although, really I'd prefer the choice and see if there is some place else you can cut.  The guest list, flowers, fancy invites, favors, late night table, etc. are all places I'd rather see cut.  As a guest I'll barely remember any of those things.
    I'm guessing their is no changing the venue now?  What about other vendors - if no deposits are down yet I would shop around for lower prices on vendors. 
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    You can one option, but like pp said, you want to pick something that most people would probably like. Chicken is probably your safest choice; thinks like seafood and pork are always iffy. 

    I would honestly cut the late night table before cutting a dinner option. If guests have a delicious dinner that they really enjoyed, they may not need a late night table as much. I've never actually been to a wedding that had one, so I wouldn't miss it.
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    Ditto PPs I would definitely go with something safer if you are only offering one choice, and I do think there are better ways to cut the budget.

    With shrimp and steak I would personally struggle and I know others would as well.  I have a seafood allergy so I would be nervous eating anything on the same plate.  Steak is also a very broad category and it would really depend on the cut for me to give an honest opinion.

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      I would go with a steak and chicken duet if possible. A lot of people are allergic to shellfish. I've been to weddings that had a set choice of steak and chicken and it went over well.
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    I think one risk you run with having the steak/shrimp plate is that people will see the vegetarian option and ask for that instead, and the venue probably only has so many vegetarian meals available.  I think it's fine to have one plate (plus a vegetarian option), but like PPs, I'd go with a safer option like chicken, or maybe you could have chicken and steak if you wanted a duet plate.

    ETA: And I agree with PPs that I would cut the late night snacks before I cut back on dinner. 

  • Suzie31Suzie31 member
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    Thanks for the advice ladies, you're all right, I guess it makes a bigger difference to spend a few extra dollars on a person and have them enjoy it, rather than save a few dollars to have them leave unsatisfied. 

    I love how helpful everyone on this community is!
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    Ditto the cut the snacks to help with dinner costs or go with chicken if you can only have one thing.  I am a very picky eater, so i often have trouble finding something I like at new restaurants, but if chicken is an option, I will always choose that!
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    I agree. I am also one of those people allergic to shellfish, so if it's even on my plate I can't eat anything it's been cooked with or touched. I am also a picky eater and steaks always tend to come out wrong. If you go with only 1 option: go with something safer, like a chicken dish. Otherwise, I'm with the other ladies and say cut the costs elsewhere and offer atleast 2 options.
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  • jerseydeviljerseydevil member
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    Steak and Chicken on the same plate would not work for me, personally. I'd rather it be paired with something lighter like seafood.

    Could you do some sort of fish instead? The last wedding I went to had steak with sea bass and it was really good.

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