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House Rental for beach and or backyard?

Howdy Ladies,

I'm about to lose my damn mind with looking for a venue that both me and fiancee can be really happy with. Ideally, we had wanted a more casual atmosphere where people could dance, play cardgames or volleyball, drink, eat, and possibly have karaoke at some point.

Basically your family reunion type house party, but since we live in an apartment and not ready to buy one yet, there goes that!

Any suggestions/advice on where to look to rent an estate or house with a backyard or beach area in/around NYC? I've already been scoping out VRBO, but I would so appreciate any advice. 

Thanks gang.

Re: House Rental for beach and or backyard?

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    The Hamptons is the obvious choice, although that's probably expensive, and weekend rentals are usually only available there in the summer.  You could also look for weekend rentals in Long Beach or Fire Island.
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    I've been looking for the same thing. I'm currently working with a real estate agent on Shelter Island. I found that was the best option. Trying to figure it out on my own was seeming impossible. Figure out the area you would look to have the wedding and then find a local realtor in the area.
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    I was originally looking to do that in the Hamptons.  We looked on VRBO and another website, and e-mailed a ton of the people.  Most of them had a $10,000-15,000 event fee, plus then we would have to rent tents and have it catered.  One of them even told us that we would have to bring in porta-potties because they wouldn't allow their sewage systems to be used by that many people.  It ended up being way more expensive than just having it at a venue.
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    sorry this may be a n00b question but what is VRBO?
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    If you are looking into LB and planning on having outdoor activities, most of the backyards there are really small. The beach has volleyball nets set up but I don't know where there any houses where a backyard would be big enough for a volleyball net. I think if you did LB you would have a lot of people hanging out inside... due to the limited space and closesness of the houses. Take a walk around the area sometime and you will see what I mean.
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