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How stressed were you?

I don't think I'm a crazy bride, but was it REALLY stressful for you towards the end? Or was the end the lighter part of planning? I've only got about 3 weeks when I finish school.

I guess my question is - how stressed were you and what was the most stressful part / time? Further, how did you handle the stress?

Re: How stressed were you?

  • 3 weeks should be fine, especially since you have over a year to plan the wedding.  I wasn't really stressed at all at the end, even the week of, because everything was done (I had started 10 months out).  I remember my last stressful things being programs like 3 weeks before and that was it.  Hire good vendors and/or a DOC if it's in your budget -- this will save you a lot of stress.

    The most stressful things for me were my DIY projects--because I am not crafty like AT ALL.  So I just didn't take on very much and bought alot of things off Etsy.  The best way to not be stressed IMO is to be organized, don't take on more DIY than you can handle, start and use a checklist to stay on track, and hire good vendors.

  • Just out of curiosity, when are you taking the bar?  Where I am, the bar is in July, and that is all-consuming after you get out of law school -- I don't think I'd recommend barbri and a wedding simultaneously.

    Just a thought.

  • How stressed were you and what was the most stressful part / time?
    The most stressful for us was the day before the wedding.  We had MIL problems the entire time but they seemed to escalate the day before.  We also didn't know if we were having flowers until the rehearsal and were trying to come up with plan B & C.  Family members were being crazy that day.

    The day of the wedding I was pretty much stress free...if something wasn't going to work out, there wasn't much time to change anything.

    Further, how did you handle the stress?
    I tried not taking MIL's behavior personal; while I was sad that we may not of had flowers, it wasn't going to be the end of the world.  So we grumbled a little bit but then moved on.  My grandmother was a tremendous amount of support and while DH leaned on me, we were both able to lean on her when we wanted to give up.  She was the one person who didn't try to make it all about her and helped us willingly.
  • I was stressed on and off through the planning process, but like PP, mainly because I had so many DIY projects and I really procrastinated.  If you are doing a lot of DIY, make a goal and stick to it.  Try to have everything made early.  The last week I kind of let go and stopped worrying about everything and just enjoyed it.  Everything was finished 2 days before the wedding so I just sat back and enjoyed the time with family and the WP the day before.  You will save yourself a ton of headache if you don't wait until the last minute to do vendor confirmations and DIY projects.
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